The Skincare on Trial

Skincare on Trial

Don’t you love those shopping trips when you pop into Boots and end up coming out with half the store, the world’s longest receipt and a vow to not do that again? I usually head straight to the makeup counters, swatch everything in sight and then walk out with all the same colours I have at home. I was determined last time I was hauling the entire of Boots that I would only buy things I really needed. Hence, my basket was full with skincare.

For Cleansing…

Nip and Fab is a brand that intrigues me massively, seemingly high-end feeling products that are affordable and accessible and yes, Kylie Jenner endorses them. I picked up the Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads that claim to retexture and resurface the skin whilst the addition of witch hazel helps to tone. Well, if you happened to watch my February favourites, you will know that I love this!

Absolutely perfect on freshly cleansed skin, these grab the last traces of makeup and grime effortlessly and leaves skin feeling tight, clean and refreshed. The Glycolic makes these sound super scary, but they’re actually rather lovely and fresh on my sensitive skin. Beautifully easy to use, wonderfully soft and leaves skin feeling amazing; these were a perfect introduction to a brand I think I might just fall in love with!

For Eyes…

I was incredibly lucky to be able to raid the stock cupboard when I left my placement at CCD PR back in January and pick out a few cheeky bits. I was so intrigued by Janjira when I was there, a Thai brand that feels wonderfully luxurious with products built around the bathing rituals of ancient Thai royalty. It is all sounds rather lovely doesn’t it? I left on my last day with the Marine White Brightening Eye Lift, a multi-action eye-cream that helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

This is incredibly moisturising and feels instantly cooling and refreshing on the under eye area making it perfect for the mornings where your eyes may feel tired and puffy. I haven’t been using this long enough yet to determine whether this actually works in terms of reducing the appearance of eye bags but with the moisturising qualities, makeup applies on top like a dream, therefore improving the whole area, which makes for a all-round better, more awake, more brighter look.

For Toning…

I’ve been wanting to try the Pixi Exfoliating Toner for a little while now but I’m just not ready to accept the £18 price tag so decided to first try out a cheaper, much more student budget friendly option. The Nivea Purifying Toner works like a dream, refreshing, non-drying, soft and non-scented. All my favourite qualities in one. Some days, no matter how much I cleanse my face, it simply just doesn’t feel clean, this is where I love this, just one damp cotton pad keeps my face feeling squeaky clean and ‘finished’. At just £2.39, I’m starting to wonder if I even need the Pixi toner after all…

For Moisturising…

With Spring now officially in our lives, I no longer wanting to be caking my skin in heavy, thick moisturisers that just sit on top, feeling all greasy. I want something light, fresh and quick. I picked up the Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Cream in high hopes of this. Again, at just £4.10, a wonderful budget and student option that, I’m very pleased to say, delivers! The light formula is really refreshing and wonderful, it’s enough to feel as if it’s working effortlessly into the skin, but it doesn’t sit on top, doesn’t feel greasy, just light and soft. Let’s put it this way, currently, those thick heavy moisturisers I was telling you about? I couldn’t even tell you where they are… this is the only day cream I want on my dressing table!

So there we go, just some of the newest additions into my skincare collection that I’ve been loving recently! And what’s best? I didn’t even spend a fortune! What’s your favourite budget skincare item?

Abbi x

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