Grounded Coffee Scrub

Grounded Coffee Scrub Coconut

Grounded Coffee Scrub

Grounded Coffee Scrub Coconut

Let’s talk about exfoliating. We all have to do it. After all, we all want silky, soft skin that feels great and smells wonderful and is ready for the Summer months where we occasionally get the shorts out when it reaches above 14 degrees, the rarity but it does happen. Sometimes. Point being, we have to exfoliate in order to get this silky soft skin I dream about.

Let me introduce you to Grounded Coffee Scrub. Forget everything you already know about scrubs, this little bag of goodness here is a game changer. It’s made with ground Robusta coffee to help boast circulation and to brighten up your skin. Errr, yes please! This means it’s free of nasty chemicals so it’s perfect for our skin. With added minerals and vitamins, you’ve really got yourself something special.

The lovely Jess over at Grounded very nicely sent me the Coconut one to try out and let me tell you, I’ve been having a whale of a time with this!

The Verdict…

Let’s start at the basics. The scent. Obviously, as it’s coffee, the scent is ever so slightly overpowering but wonderful. Really, really wonderful. I’m someone who’s ever so slightly addicted to the smell of coffee, so this is right up my street. The smell does linger on your skin for a good few hours and also in your bathroom or wherever you choose to apply your scrub (I would recommend you stick to the bathroom, it’s a messy little bag!) which, I guess, is good or bad depending on your coffee scent taste. I like it, it’s a very comforting and homely smell I find – and always reminds me of my mum! Sadly though, the scent of coconut seems to be lost on me, but I really don’t mind as I do like the scent anyway (I promise I’m not sat sniffing it right now….).

As for the actual scrub? It’s the thing of miracles. I’ve mentioned it before but I’m someone who suffers from incredibly dry and sensitive skin and this has been a godsend. The coffee is rough but soft, yes a very odd way of describing something, I know. Basically, this doesn’t irritate my skin at all, application and the whole scrubbing thing does not hurt, there’s no sharp shocks but you can feel the roughness as you scrub, but it’s almost… nice? Straight from the first test application on my skin, the difference was outstanding! My arm felt incredibly soft (that’s the vitamins and coconut oil for ya!) but not at all dry or red or angry or sore. Since using it more and all over, my skin feels amazing, very soft, very supple and all round, very lovely.

Application is of course, super easy as well. Apply to damp skin, dance around for 10-15 minutes whilst it does it thaaaaang and then rinse off. Happy days! Be warned, this is a messy little thing! As this is loose and the coffee and ingredients are very finely milled, it’s very easy to drop and rest on your shower floor. Rest assured, it rinses away easily. Thankfully. My mum would not be happy otherwise.

My only complaint? The product doesn’t have practical packaging. I love the whole eco-friendly thing and the re-sealable bag and it’s all a really great idea but, in reality, it doesn’t really work. After all, you can’t get the packaging wet. This is extremely difficult when you’re in the shower or bath and I find myself having to get out, dry off and then applying it but there’s always the risk it’s going to get wet. The packaging also makes it hard to get the right amount of scrub out. I tend to go overboard meaning that I make that little bit more mess.

My recommendation? Don’t let it put you off the scrub, instead put it one of those nice mason jars or a container. You can still recycle the packaging, still keep the coffee dry and sealed and it’s easier to use whilst in the shower and bath. I’ve since done this and I will admit that it’s made my life easier when it comes scrubbing.

The Conclusion…

I’ve fallen in love. I do honestly think this is such a game changer. It’s a brilliant exfoliator and effective moisturiser all in one. The ingredients are all very natural and the skin benefits are insane. My skin feels and smells incredible and I really enjoy using this. My biggest tip is simply to change the packaging, just to make everything that little bit more easier. But overall, a really lovely product that almost become a holy grail for me. Summer, soft skin, you’re in sight!

Grounded Coffee Scrub

Abbi x

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The Grounded Coffee Scrub was sent to me in consideration for a review.
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