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Top Three Mascaras Benefit Maybelline Too Faced


Let’s talk mascaras i.e a girl’s best friend. I don’t know about you, but a good mascara is essential in my routine and I hate to admit it, but I rarely leave the house without those lashes looking thick and fluttery. Though, let’s be honest, finding a mascara that does exactly what you need it to can be quite the impossible task, there’s a good handful of mascaras out there all with different promises and claims so I thought it would be worthing showing you my top three mascaras!

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The One For Volume..

It’s pink. It’s metallic. First impressions? It ticks all the boxes. But we all know it’s what’s inside that ultimately counts. Hence why this features in my top three mascaras. The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara brush is thick and filled to the brim with bristles meaning that not a single eyelash is missed making application quick and easy with instant results. Whilst I don’t notice crazy amounts of lengthening with this mascara, the volume and added thickness is intense and makes for a wonderful, stand-out look that I just love. What’s best? There’s no need for added falsies with this one; the mascara teams up with the lashes perfectly and gives off a beautiful, dramatic look that takes only abut five minutes to achieve. I always recommend this to anyone who has a slightly bigger budget; beautiful, luxurious packaging and a formula that really delivers. This will never leave your makeup bag, I promise.

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The One For Length…

Maybelline have always excelled in their mascaras in my opinion, when I was 16 and first getting into makeup I used a Maybelline mascara. When I was 17 and in love with makeup, I used a Maybelline mascara. Whenever I run out of a mascara, I always think of Maybelline first. Drugstore mascara’s are always a bit hit and miss but Maybelline always get it right, always. The Lash Sensational Mascara really is an incredible option and so hard to beat. This offers you what Better Than Sex doesn’t… length. This adds length to your lashes making them stand out but the finish is still incredibly natural. The formula isn’t wet or goopy, this is incredibly easy to use and once again, super quick to apply and super quick to dry. This comes everywhere with me as it’s just the perfect option for everyday and even if you don’t wear any other makeup, using this product alone magically changes your face and adds ‘something’. At just £7.99, I recommend to everyone that it’s worth a try.

The One For the Doe-Eyed Look…

Ok, so you want your lashes to look as long as ever, but you don’t want them to be poker straight? Benefit’s They’re Real! may be the answer to your mascara woes. The formula isn’t actually all that different to the Maybelline offering but it’s the brush that is the real game changer here, think of your typical mascara brush and then add a tiny ball on the end with tiny bristles. Relatively unique, this allows you to safely and carefully grab those tiny little lashes in the inner corner and also to work specifically on the outer corner lashes creating… you’ve guessed it, the doe-eyed look we all crave. A beautiful look that holds it curl and lasts all day. It’s a safe everyday choice, works a near-on miracle… you can see why it’s claimed the spot of best selling mascara in the UK. Pretty impressive, right?

Despite my love for these, I’m still on the hunt for my perfect mascara, think volume, length and curl all in one, what are your suggestions? Is there another mascara that might shuffle my top three mascaras around?


Abbi x

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