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With Spring around just a few short months away, I’m finding myself more often than not craving a good ol’ switch around. It’s creeping towards that time of year where I just want have a complete overhaul of my wardrobe, completely change my room and dye my hair pink. Gone are the days of monochrome everything and I’m looking forward to slowly injecting more and more pastel colours into my life.

I thought a really great place to start would be with my technology. I’m one of those people who never change their phone background or desktop and it was only the other day when I was was waiting for an important email to pop through I noticed that I had had the same wallpaper since the Summer. Cue late night Pinterest browsing. It is sad to admit I now have a folder on my laptop full of potential new wallpapers for my Phone in the upcoming months?! I couldn’t just pick one. These 1am decisions are really difficult, you see! But I decided to put my browsing to good use and share some of my favourite Spring themed wallpapers I’ve found with you, enjoy!



01. / 02. / 03. / 04.


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