The Super Manicure with Barry M

The Super Manicure with Barry M

After a lifetime of nail biting, I’m attempting to stop the annoying habit. It’s not particularly nice, means I never have nice nails and means all the money I’ve spent on pretty nail polishes is ever so slightly going to waste. As a poor student, I’ve decided enough is enough and I’m going cold turkey and all that jazz. Woe is me.

The Treatment…

I knew I would need some assistance during this difficult time so I turned to my favourite nail polish brand that isn’t only brilliantly wonderful, but incredibly purse friendly for some light in this dark, dark period. Years of dreaded nail biting has left me with weak, brittle nails that probably wouldn’t even attempt to grow if they were fully left alone. So, I’ve been using the Barry M Super Mani. This claims to be a 7-in-1 treatment and let’s be honest, that sounds pretty ideal doesn’t it? It hydrates the nail, protects the enamel from the world and has Keratin, Argon Oil, Bamboo and Vitamin E to add some much needed boost and goodness. Essentially, it’s a miracle in a little £3.99 (!!) bottle. I like to use it on it’s own but for an added benefit you can use it under a colour, meaning you can still have a cute manicure whilst this bottle of goodness does it’s glorious job. I’ve worn this for a little under two weeks now and have noticed a slight difference I’m pleased to report. My nails don’t seem to feel as weak when they do grow and the natural shine is lovely.

The Colour…

For those days I’ve been wanting a nicer colour, or if I’m filming, going out etc and don’t want to show my nails, I’ve been using the amazing Elegant Touch Totally Clear Short Oval Nails (so brill!!) for a really nice, on trend look I can’t achieve naturally. Of course, with the nails being totally clear, you can paint them whatever colour your heart desires. I’ve been obsessed with pinky nudes recently and Barry M has their fair few! I went for ‘FreeStyle’ from the Speedy Dry collection and it’s been my favourite polish for a few weeks now, I can’t get enough of it. The colour is stunning and looks amazing on short and long nails, so I’m all for it. As for the formula… incredible! Barry M really isn’t lying when they say this drys quick, around 30/40 seconds later and you’re ready to apply another coat. Perfect for people like me who don’t always have the time to sit around but doesn’t compromise on the usual Barry M quality. A perfectly milky formula that has the perfect consistency and doesn’t chip easily. I love it and again, it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Happy Abbi (and happy bank balance).

 What are your favourite nail treatments and colour?

Abbi x

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