The February Favourites

February Favourites

Another month, another favourites! I, for one, am glad that February’s just about been and gone because it means we’re another month closer to Spring and Summer and warmth and sandals and longer days and happier things. Am I the only one?

This month’s round of favourites is mainly a skincare affair. I’ve managed to not buy any makeup at all this month (a bloody miracle if you ask me!!) and found myself falling in love with taking care of my skin, giving myself the odd pamper and of course, the odd manicure! If you’re someone who prefers to just sit back with a cuppa and listen, I’ve turned this post into video form, which you can see over on my Youtube Channel!

The one for breakouts…

Facial peels are good fun, aren’t they? They remind me of being ten and covering my hands in PVA glue, waiting for it to dry and then having the most fun of my life peeling all the glue off. #ChildhoodGoals people. The Manuka Doctor Purifying Peel* mask has a gloopy formula that once applied, takes about 15 minutes to set and then you can pull it off, bringing all the daily grime and helping those toxins come up to the surface. Regular use helps with preventing breakouts and I have found that my skin isn’t as oily as it was, but isn’t dry at all! You can also apply a tiny patch on a blemish to help dry it out. A little miracle product that I just love and is super fun. Double whammy!

Full review Manuka Doctor Skincare.

The one for lovely hair…

Onto the hair mask front, let’s be honest, there are hundred’s too choose from all claiming to be the miracle worker your hair needs. But sometimes, you just want a nice mask that’s going to hydrate the hair but isn’t going to completely empty your purse. I feel you and that’s why I’m in love with the Herbal Essences ‘Hello Hydration’ deeply intensive mask. This takes dry, unhappy spilt into cheerful soft hair that you just want to stroke, all day. This improves the overall appearance of the hair, helps reduce frizziness and just one of those products you just need to have ready in your bathroom.

The one for your skincare routine…

Nip & Fab is one of those brands that I’ve been intrigued by but didn’t even know where to start but through the odd Youtube video and blog post, people seemed to love the Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads. With promises to retexture and resurface, soothe and calm, these little pads promise a lot. And I’m happy to say I’m super impressed! These leave my skin feeling so clean and soft, they’re not harsh at all (yay) and I’ve even noticed that my skin is that little bit brighter. Thanks Nip & Fab, this product has made me a fan!

The one to keep you soft…

Whenever I think ‘pamper’, there are only two brands that pop into my head. Soap and Glory and Lush. This month, I’ve found myself reaching for the same moisturiser again and again and again. You’re probably no stranger to S&G’s The Righteous Butter, a intensive moisturiser that’s made to tackle any skin issue. And thankfully, it does just that! For someone who suffers with incredibly dry skin, this little tub of goodness is a little miracle worker. Razor bumps on your legs? Gone. Itchy dry skin? Gone. Dry elbows? No more. I love it, it works, it makes up happy. Sure, you’re going to need to let it dry, but that’s nothing a good little dance around your room to One Direction won’t do!

The one for your nails…

If you’re pink kiinda nail girl, then this polish is going to be very welcome in your collection. The Barry M Speedy Dry collection offers a amazing formula that has fantastic quality and a gel like finish people spend their hard earned pennies on. Within five minutes your manicure is ready, looking fantastic and full prepped for that Instagram selfie #NOTD. The colour itself is a beautiful nude, milky, pink that wouldn’t be a stranger on the runway. I love it, can’t quite get enough of it and let’s be honest… It’s going to be beautiful for Spring.

Full review The Super Manicure.

What have you been loving this February?


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