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I reckon you’ve heard of Velvet Teddy. Thanks to the fascinating influence of Kylie Jenner, the Velvet Teddy lipstick from MAC cosmetics become the most have product of 2015 over night! Nearly every MAC store was filled with disappointed people who had been told it was completely sold out and the internet was full of #VelvetTeddy selfies.

So naturally, I didn’t buy it. I didn’t want to give into the hype, I didn’t think for even one second it would suit me and after reading endless reviews of disappointed buyers, I was initially put off. Until, that is, I was standing in a MAC store and found myself asking, ‘do you have Velvet Teddy in stock?’. I’m still not sure why, but a year later, the curiosity had finally got the better of me, and ten minutes later I was walking home with the lipstick in my bag.

It’s not actually as brown as I thought, with the pinky undertones, it gives it healthy, flattering finish that still packs a punch. And you know what? I really do like it! It takes a few applications to get used to the colour, especially, if like me, you only ever wear pink and reds but the off-brown, nude shade is very lovely. What I love though is how low maintenance it is, it makes a beautiful, 90’s throwback statement but unlike a typical red, doesn’t bleed, doesn’t show up madly if you happen to get it on your teeth and you can drink and eat with ease. Paired with a simple eye, this really does look killer.

Matte finishes are my favourite so I always knew I was going to love that side of things, but this actually exceeded my expectations!┬áThe other MAC Mattes I have tucked away from home have always been extraordinary┬ádry, uncomfortable and hard to work with but this formula is creamy, soft, insanely pigmented and lasts a good few hours. It’s a joy to apply and doesn’t require too much hard work.

I’ll let the swatches do the rest of the talking. It looks great with bronzed up looks, FYI. I just love it. It’s the perfect everyday lipstick that I can’t get enough of. Is it worth the hype? Probably not for the reason it is, it suits Kylie Jenner down to a tee, but not everyone is going to suit a brown lippie and let’s be honest, it isn’t the only brown lipstick in the world. Saying that the lipstick has a great formula, a great colour for those you love these off-brown nudes and should be hyped up in it’s own right.


Abbi x

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