January Favourites


I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing the very first favourites post of 2015! I hope this year to actually write these every single month; I think it’s such a wonderful way of reflecting on what you’ve loved and adored, a perfect little roundup to look back on!

This month’s love list is a little smaller than others, I feel like during the past four weeks, I’ve really just stuck to the same products over and over again and haven’t felt the need to go searching elsewhere for something else to fall in love with. These have travelled with me through the 31 days and for the first time in a while, I didn’t have to think too much about what products I would be chatting about today, which is a pretty spectacular!

The palette…

I feel like I should get the product I’ve talked about the most out of the way because I’m sure as soon as you saw the picture, you started to yawn. I just can’t help it, I’ve fallen head over heels with this palate and I feel as if it’s almost the greatest love story of our time (apart from Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris… obvs!)! The beautiful Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette features three of the much loved powders that have captivated the beauty world; one’s perfect for a all-rounder setting powder, one’s great for a subtle highlight and one is just so perfect for that strobing trend the catwalk loves! Also features two blushers that are different enough that you will use both but not too different that only one will suit your skintone. Finally, there’s a bronzer that wonderfully warms up the face, is soft and doesn’t leave a orange line. Happy days! A perfect palette that yes, is going to leave your purse a lot lighter after you come home with it but a beautiful all-rounder that you’re going to pick up and love for years. You can see a full review here! 

The Foundation…

You know when you apply your foundation in the morning, get on with your day and then maybe catch yourself in the toilet mirror when you’re washing your hands and contemplating what you’re having for dinner and oh… hang on, is that my foundation? Looking just as good as when I applied it in the morning? Ok maybe not as literal as that but the point stands! The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation has become my best friend this month. We’ve been through long days, awful train journeys and half-asleep application in the morning. This foundation is really a miracle worker, it covers up blemishes and redness nicely, has a beautiful silky finish to it and most importantly, lasts all day! In general this has quite mixed reviews but I would say I think this is better suited to dryer skin types, purely because it does have a sheen to it, which I personally really like, but I understand that that isn’t a top priority for others!

The Spray…

Ok guys, I’m not going to lie, I’m definitely lazy when it comes to post-shower/bath moisturising. The idea of standing around starkers, in the cold, applying cold cream to myself just does not appeal to me and I am definitely guilty of drying, getting straight into my PJ’s and climbing in to bed. But then Soap and Glory saved the day by bringing out a handy little bottle that has changed my bath/shower time routine. Soap and Glory Girligo Body Mist is one to keep an eye out for next time you’re in Boots as this little bottle of goodness is a fragrance and moisturiser all in one. After your shower or bath, spray this on yourself and not only will you smell pretty lovely, but it leaves the skin feeling soft but doesn’t leave that dreaded greasy residue no one has time for. The scent is light and fruity and is going to be perfect in Summer for topping up throughout the day. I love it, where has it been all my life, heading to Boots now to buy a back up.

The eye cream…

When it comes to skincare, I never immediately think of Benefit’s B.Right range but after trying (and falling in love with) this little pot of skincare goodness, I’m kicking myself for not trying their skincare sooner! The It’s Potent Eye Cream is meant to help fade dark circles and has a thicker, creamier formula than other eye-creams I have tried. If you’ve had a particularly long day and your eye bags are noticeably puffier, this is perfect. The thicker formula means a little goes a long way and the cream is instantly cooling and refreshing. I simply enjoy using this. I’m always a bit doubtful of anything that claims to erase dark circles as I think that’s pretty much miracle work but this is simply a joy to use. Refreshing, cooling and an absolute god send for my incredibly sensitive eyes. Possibly not one for everyday, as mentioned the formula is very thick but when used a few times a week, I tend to notice results in terms of less sensitivity and redness and instant relief from puffy eyebags, I love it!

The Polish…

When I’ve actually managed to find the time to paint my nails this month, Essie’s much-loved Cocktail Bling is the polish I’ve been reaching for! I just really love this colour at the moment, a wonderful cocktail of lilac and grey; it makes a statement without being too dark, flatters every nail shape and is bang on trend! In terms of formula, Essie never disappoints, the polish isn’t runny but isn’t too thick you can’t work with, the brush is my perfect size and two coats and you’re good to go. I’m making the most of this particular shade before all the navy’s and grey’s hide away in the Summer!

 What have you been loving this January?


Abbi x

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