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When I was a little girl and first introduced to Disney movies, I dreamed of long, blonde Princess hair that never had a strand out of place. With perfect curls and looked beautiful in any style, my natural slightly frizzy hair that doesn’t like to sit nicely in a french plait didn’t seem to compare, so it felt like a perfect option to try out extensions.

The lovely ladies over at IrresistableMe sent me over the Silky Touch in Platinum Blonde (24inches)*  to try out. As someone who’s sporting the ‘yes, I haven’t had my roots done in… like, 4 months’ look, I worried that the blonde wouldn’t sit ‘right’ within my hair, but… how wrong was I? The blonde looks perfect and couldn’t of been any more of a better match for my hair. When curled or styled in a plait style the colour is completely seamless and it’s almost impossible to tell where my own hair ends and the extensions continue.

As for the quality, I couldn’t be more impressed! The extension is made with four layers of 100% human Remy Hair meaning you get the feel, quality and shine you do with real hair. You can cut, style, curl and colour the extensions making them a lifetime product almost, eliminating the need to re-purchase the extensions in a different colour or style.

These are clip-in extensions making them so super easy, perfect for spontaneous styles and almost effortless. I was initially worried about the clips maybe digging into my scalp but I’m happy to say I was definitely proved wrong here, once they’re in, apart from the slight pulling of the hair that you’re scalp won’t be used to for a little while, they sit comfortably, feel firm and no matter how much you style your hair, they’ll stay.

Overall, the extensions are lovely, the colour and the feel is incredibly natural and when wearing them, after a while you completely forget you’ve got them in. The thickness and overall look is incredible and I’m having so fun playing around with all the styles I can’t easily achieve with my shorter hair! A wonderful investment that will go with you throughout all your hair styles and colours, and well worth every penny! And it means I can finally live my dream of having Princess Hair!

IrresistibleMeHairExtentionsBlonde01 IrresistibleMeHairExtentionsBlonde02 IrresistibleMeBlonde

Abbi x

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