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FleurDeForceLashes FleurAndFabulous

FleurDeForceLashes FleurAndFabulous

Let’s talk about lashes… when I was sixteen, I wore false eyelashes everyday, no word of a lie, even to school. I was blessed with such short, stubby lashes I would of done anything to lengthen them even slightly. And whilst I no longer wear them every single day (I went through SO much glue…)  I still have a lot of love in my makeup loving heart for falsies.

I do love a good old celebrity branding collection? Don’t you? One of the latest offerings being our very own Fleur De Force (one of the first EVER Youtubers I discovered) and Eylure, my favourite eyelash brand. The collection has been out for a little while now, you know I like to be slightly late to the bandwagon(!) but on one of those pesky late night online shopping nights, I added the ‘Fleur & Fabulous’ lashes to my virtual basket.

They’re the more dramatic pair out of the bunch and make for perfect ‘night out, fancy dinner, costume’ lashes i.e they do look ever so slightly unnatural, but the look as a whole is pretty spectacular. Some false lashes have that awful plasticly feel to them, but these are so much softer and easier to work with than the plastic kind, they also have a lovely criss-cross design which almost looks as if there are more lashes than there are, perfect for volume!

The actual strip is also quite thick, which I much prefer. It allows you to really line up the strip with your eye, all making for easier application, which, let’s be honest, is pretty great considering how flimsy and difficult lashes can be! The lashes themselves could do with a little curl when applying them to really open them up but they’re so pretty, so easy and really finish off a smokey/heavy eye nicely.

What I love best? These lashes really deliver you the incredible outstanding quality of Eylure lashes combined with Fleur’s own personal touch. They’re decently priced, they’re reusable and they look and feel luxurious. A wonderful collaboration and I can’t help but feel that Fleur herself really deserves this, what an incredible opportunity for such a lovely, down-to-earth women!

FleurDeForceLashes FleurAndFabulous

Abbi x

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