Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set



Zoeva have really established their name within the beauty community and it’s easy to see why. Beautiful products with incredible quality to match; their brushes swiftly become an essential in your daily routine. The makeup brushes are breathtakingly beautiful with a simple design but eye-catching details that look delightful on any dressing table.

The beautiful Rose Golden Luxury Set features eight brushes made for either the eyes or the face and a really elegant travel makeup that can easily double up as an adorable clutch. The matte black and sleek rose gold look beautiful together and the mix of natural and synthetic hairs make applying both powder and cream products a dream.

The hairs are so unbelievably soft, on the first apply you can’t help but think to yourself that their luxurious and you’ve easily got your money’s worth. Perfect for both applying and blending out product, their isn’t a brush left unloved. They’re lovely to wash, the white hairs don’t stain easily and again, the mix of natural and synthetic hairs mean the brushes dry quickly and stay in their original shape, making sure you’re going to love them for years to come.

My favourites are the 102 Silk Finish which this allows you to blend foundation easily and the hairs are packed tightly making for a even, streak-free finish and the 231 Luxe Petit Crease, easily my most-loved, this makes applying crease colours a doddle and an absolute joy.

Makeup brushes may not always seem as exciting as the actual makeup, but we all know a workman is nothing without his tools, and with such a beautiful design, such high quality and not one brush un-usable, the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Collection feels like an essential in anyone’s makeup kit.

They’re worth every hard-earned penny and their worth the short waiting time for delivery, you won’t look at a makeup brush the same way again!

Have you tried the Zoeva makeup brushes?


Abbi x

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The Hourglass Lighting Edit.
  • Oh wow the rose gold ones are beautiful! I have the Rose Golden Vol 2 set with the pink handles and I love them so much, they’re definitely the prettiest brushes xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  • I´ve seen these around for some time now. They´re so gorgeous! I still need to try out Zoeva brushes but I´m really planning to because everyone´s raving about them (& also because they look amazing!).
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  • I’ve bought some zoeva brushes recently and i love the 102 silk finish brush too, it’s my fave for foundation now!xx


  • I recently got the Rose Gold volume 1 collection for reaching 1000 followers on Instagram, a bit of a treat and I love them. I eye shadow brushes are lovely but my collection is missing a good foundation brush. I’ll maybe buy the 102 separately that you like xx