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Oh, I do love a good old nosey rummage through someone’s bag, don’t you? Obviously, not in real life, but with the ever so open realms of the internet, anything goes. Here’s the story, I’ve just started a work placement. Oh yes, I’ve just rabidly entered the big wide, scary world of working full time and commuting to London every day. It’s scary, daunting but an experience of a lifetime, as university keeps telling us. This obviously provided a rather ample opportunity to buy a new handbag, (not that I needed an excuse), so let’s explore, shall we?

The Bag

Let’s talk about the main man shall we? This little beaut only set back ten pounds. Yep, ten whole pounds. This beautiful, sturdy, on-trend, sky blue bag that actually holds quite a lot of my junk stuff only cost me ten pounds. Primark makes me a very happy women. Yes, ok, it doesn’t exactly look majorly expensive, but it doesn’t look ‘cheap’ either, all the ingredients for a happy Abbi. There’s a little phone holder pocket inside (does anyone actually use these) and also a rather handy zip pocket. No separators or any of that, just a simple, open space. It’s lightweight, simple and lovely. Let’s be honest, it was the colour that sold me on this, so beautiful and it really does compliment all my monochrome wardrobe.

Let’s Rummage Around

Purse: I don’t care anywhere without my absolutely massive, and no it does not need to be that big, Michael Kors purse. This obviously contains all the important stuff like my driving license, debit card, Boots points card… you get the idea. Oh, and also a lot of one and two pennies.

Card Holder: A massive thank you to the beautiful Becca who brought this for me! This little monogramed beauty is from Oliver Bonas (my haven) and contains my travel card. I love the grey colour, love that it has the letter A on it, and basically, Becca really does have impeccable taste.

Planner: On this placement, I have to keep track of dates, what I’m doing, websites, timings and all that. I like to write them all down in my (very beautiful) Kikki K planner (which is currently on sale!) and then at the end of the day when I’m on the train home, I add everything to my phone. Writing everything down helps me to remember it, adding it on my phone means all the information is accessible easily and I’m never without it.

Earphones: God forbid I ever leave these at home. I even keep a spare in my bag… thinking of adding another spare just incase these break… and then my spares break. I shudder at the thought.

Lipstick/Lipgloss: The example in this picture is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, but in reality, I chuck whatever lip product I’m wearing that day into my bag. By the time I actually get into London, I’ve drunk twenty five cups of tea therefore need a bit of retouch before I actually get into work.

Hand Sanitiser: Kind of like the headphone situation… God forbid I ever forget this. Germs scare me. Tubes scare me. This little bottle of joy makes everything seem ok again. And no, I didn’t buy it just because it was purple… and for kids…

Extra Chewing Gum: Not one for at work, that would be inappropriate, but perfect for just popping in after lunch before I head back into work to make sure I have fresh breath, plus, I just really love gum.

Glasses: Because I can’t drive, or see, without them. I think that tends to be the reason you have glasses, right…?

Headache Tablets: Because tubes, trains and rush hour in London gives me headaches.

Carmex: Obvious reasons. I also really like the mint taste (don’t eat your lip balm kids).

Hand Cream: Again, fairly obvious. It’s also handy to have to keep your hands soft and lovely all day. I also feel like hands are one of the first things people judge you on so I always try to keep mine looking presentable and shake-able.

Stick Perfume: Purely because it’s not as big as any of my other perfumes. I also find this isn’t as strong or overwhelming as other perfumes, but still has a nice, subtle scent. Perfect for the workplace! (This is Sabe Masson stick perfume in Copacabana – hints of summer, beautiful!)

Compact Mirror: Always useful to check that my 5am applied makeup actually looks presentable.

Watch: I always forget to put on my watch when I first get up so I found it handy to put in my bag in the evening ready for the next day. When I’m sitting on the train rummaging through my bag for my headphones, I come across my watch and then remember it might actually be useful, especially when it gets to 5pm and I’m staring at it hoping that the next half hour goes quickly. (It’s Olivia Burton, rose gold face with white strap, beautiful!)

So there we have it, everything that is in my work bag. I took the liberty of removing the empty Bounty bar wrappers… didn’t think we needed to see those. What’s in your work bag?

Abbi x

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