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One of my favourite video’s this month was Niomi Smart’s ‘Moving House & Tour’. I love insights into people’s lives and it’s pretty safe to say, any kind of house/flat tour, interior videos, homeware hauls are all up my street. I love seeing how people decorate and going from a completely blank canvas to a lovely, warm and cosey home. I find them so relaxing and offer so much inspiration, and let’s be honest, Niomi has such a lovely taste in interior design and I love what she’s done with her new flat, it’s beautiful and well worth a watch!

Moving House & Tour:


There were one post this month that I throughly enjoyed reading and stuck out in my mind! The first one is Carrie’s Un-slump List. January is seen as this month full of motivation, inspiration and new starts but is also the month of rain, miserableness, no money and general down-ness. I love reading the motivational posts that remind me I need to sort out my life but it was so refreshing to read something ‘real’ and something I could directly relate to. It’s always refreshing to remember that life doesn’t have to be this perfect, Instagram worthy thing that we always have to get right. So, if you’re too slumping throughout January, give Carrie’s post a read, it will cheer up you and remind you that you’re only human!

The Un-Slump List:


If there is only one person you follow this month, I’d make sure it’s the lovely Megan! Her blog is beautiful, simple to navigate and read and her posts are just lovely! Clear, bright pictures and the content itself is helpful and positive. I’ve followed her blog for quite a few months now and I love seeing her posts pop up on my Bloglovin! Not only that, Megan is just so lovely and a real joy to chat to!

Megan Jean: 

I hope to try and do these every few months to share some of my favourite people and posts with you as it’s just a wonderful thing to share the love, I feel. As mentioned before, January can be a month of new things, so I hope you do enjoy these! 

What have been your favourite videos and posts this month? Make sure to leave some below!


Abbi x

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