Top Three: Eyeshadow Palettes

Top Three: Eyeshadow Palettes
Top Three: Eyeshadow Palettes


Carrying on with my Top Three Series (see Top Three Blushers here and Top Five Eyeshadows here), I thought it was about time I introduced you to my top palettes. There are tons of eyeshadow palettes on the market, in fact, I currently have my eyes on the Lorac Pro Palettes, aren’t they beautiful? I can completely understand how hard it can be to pick which ones to take home with you so here are my three favourites, can’t live without, ‘well I could but I don’t want to really’, palettes that I thoroughly recommend!

Little Mix ‘All About the Eyes’ Palette / This really is a perfect little number. Perfect for those starting out, perfect for those with not much of a budget and perfect for those who love gold and bronze tones! Every single shade is wearable in this palette and despite being only six shades, you’d be surprised at how many looks you can get out of this! There is even a highlight and a carbon black perfect for eyeliner making it a really good all-rounder. The shadows are highly pigmented, blend like a dream and believe it or not, there’s no fallout! Don’t let the packaging put you off, the cardboard is incredibly sturdy and doesn’t break easily, making it perfect for travelling! At just £3.19, you really can’t go wrong, can you?!

MAC Burgundy x Nine / Since purchasing this last June, I can promise you that this has practically come everywhere with me! Nine very beautiful, complimentary shades that really allow your imagination run wild, again, a number of looks you can achieve from this is pretty incredible. I’m already a big fan of MAC eyeshadows; insanely pigmented, easy to work with, scent free and very easy to blend. The reason I adore this though is purely the colours, burgundy can be hard to find so it’s well worth picking up this palette purely for those! Honeylust and Sketch, in particular, make me very happy. Also, look at how small it is; travelling made easy (and makes for lots more room for lipsticks in your makeup bag!)

Urban Decay Naked 3 / Not the cheapest and most budget option on the market but in my opinion, definitely a palette worth investing into! With twelve beautiful, creamy and pigmented eyeshadows, all complimentary of each other, this is the palette for everything; everyday, party, evening, work, weddings and well, anything! I’m personally such a big fan of the pinky shades in this, Dust and Limit are just so beautiful and look incredible on the eye. My only tiny downside with this is the fallout, some of the more heavily packed shimmer shades do slightly fall out, but it’s nothing a bit of extra foundation or tissue won’t fix. It’s worth every penny, such a beautiful palette I can’t get enough of!

What’s your favourite eyeshadow palette?

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