The Kikki K. Planner

Kikki K Planner

Fellow stationery addicts. Get excited. Today I’m showing you my brand new love. Honestly, it really is true love. Just like the movies. A few weeks back I told you about my adventure into Kikki K, the brand new store based in Covent Garden which is just the stationary addict paradise, I also told you the sneaky purchase I made and today is the day I finally show you said purchase.
Say hello to the Perforated Leather Personal Planner in Ice Blue. A beautiful planner with laser cut details and gold hardware which all make me feel very happy. One of my new years goals, as always, is to get organised and I thought it was honestly about time I invested in a planner, somewhere where I can keep everything all under one roof, something which was large enough to write in and have displayed on my desk, but something that I could, at a stretch, travel with and let’s just say, Kikki K answered all my planner prayers.


Inside is beautifully simple which everything in accents of light blue, which I love, blue is such a relaxing colour which I thought was perfect for what’s likely going to be quite a chaotic planner! There are one large pocket, two smaller pockets and a small to-do and ‘enjoy today’ list, perfect for doting down those chores you’ve really go to remember. Flip side, there’s a large note paper which is absolutely perfect which I like!

Section One: Calendar

What would a planner be without a calendar?!. I settled for a yearly, monthly and weekly view as I felt this would help me stay organised the most. I adore the monthly view because it’s simply perfect for having a quick overview of everything I have to do over that month. I keep this section for the super important stuff only, like birthdays, deadlines, events and so on. The weekly view is great for adding more details and notes. Here is where I note everything else, lecture times and rooms, blog posts, lunch dates, little things to remember and so on. There’s more than enough space to write down all the important things and the layout is very simple, allowing you to get creative with your planning!

Section Two: Meeting Notes

I didn’t think I would actually get much use out of this at first but I now see it as a blessing. It’s a great place to write down more important notes that aren’t just to be quickly jotted down. If I have a meeting with my tutors at uni, or need to record timings and what I do throughout my current placement etc, this is where it all goes. 

The next section is the to-do section, as an avid list-maker, this really is perfect for me! This offers the same simple design throughout, with two columns to jot down all those chores! I have a big general to-do section and then another to write down my daily doings. It keeps everything organised and separate, which I love!

Section Three: Priorities

After that, you’re given four more sections for you to do whatever you wish with, at the moment I’m only using two but I am thinking of making the third one into some sort of budget planner! The first one I have is priorities which is where I keep track of all my important dates throughout the year and also assignment details as there are many times I want to get started on an assignment and haven’t got all the information to hand; this will be a perfect way to keep it all together.

Section Four: Work

The last section currently in use is ‘Work’. This is where I keep everything SimplyAbbi. Stats. Post ideas. Details to remember. What I need to film etc etc. I used to have a separate blogging notebook but I used to always forget it and found it difficult to keep up so keeping everything together in one really makes life easier for myself!

I hope that you enjoyed this insight into my planner and I hope it also helps maybe to encourage you to really step up the organisation this year (unless you’re already super dooper organised, in that case, keep doing what you’re doing!). Kikk K is a wonderful brand which just has so many beautiful pieces to choose from, not forgetting to mention the wonderful, helpful and all-round lovely staff!


Abbi x

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