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I missed the first boat when the Hourglass Lighting Palette first came out and the world went ever so slightly crazy. It ended up just sitting on my wishlist but my bank balance just would not allow the purchase. But it’s a makeup lover, highlighter obsessed dreams. Three beautiful highlighting powders perfect for setting, glowing and dimension. But then, that very same boat ended up changing direction and coming back around, bringing along with it a bronzer and two blushers. This time I wasn’t going to let it the boat sail off and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit was added straight to the Christmas list.

The Powders

Featuring three powders: Iridescent Strobe Light which is slightly shimmer crazy, so perfect for general cheek bone highlighter goodness. Dim Light, oh-so natural, perfect for all over setting and Diffused Light, perfectly ideal for brightening the centre forehead, under eye and chin. That, right there, is what I love most about this palette. The three powders can all be used in one look which is so ideal, none of the powders are going to be unloved. They all work beautifully together and the final look is very glowy, very healthy and very flawless.

The Blushers & The Bronzer

It’s no surprise really that the blushers are just as beautiful. Luminous Flush is perfect for, as the name suggests, adding a lovely, bright but subtle flush to the face (this is going to be my favourite in Summer, I can just feel it) and Mood Exposure, a little darker, a little plum, perfect for adding some dimension again to the cheeks and perfect for if you’re not a pink girl. Luminous Bronze Light is a beautiful ‘healthy’ looking bronzer, not too warm or dark and offers quite a natural finish which is perfecting for both warming up the face and contouring. So much so, I haven’t picked up another bronzer since.

The Verdict

The powders formula is really something I feel the need to shout out. Beautiful soft but not powdery at all, all six apply like a dream, in fact, you can barely even feel they’re there. My skin hasn’t looked healthier with makeup on before receiving this, so for me, it’s become a essential in my collection.

The Hourglass Palettes are certainly a pricey investment, after all, it was the price that put me off purchasing in the first place, and essentially, they are just powders but if you’re someone who doesn’t have a stash of powders and highlighters in your collection; this is ideal. Everything is in one so you won’t have lots of single products scattered around. On top of that, obviously this is perfect for travelling, which is what has truly sold this for me. Minus foundation and eye makeup, I don’t need anything else in my makeup bag and that makes me very happy.

All in all, I really do recommend this, it’s truly beautiful but I can see how the price would put you off. My tip? Pop into Space.NK and take a look at the palette in all it’s glory, I feel like when you actually see it and can swatch it, you’ll work out for yourself if it’s worth all fifty six pound coins.

If it’s any help… I haven’t picked up my Rimmel Stay Matte and MAC Soft & Gentle Highlighter since Christmas..

Have you tried this or is this on the wishlist for this year?


Abbi x

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