Reflecting on 2015

Another year down, another year older and (hopefully) wiser. You know how some TV shows and albums have those ‘filler’ episodes and tracks? Not particularly outstanding but necessary for the story to make sense and continue? For me, that’s what 2015 was. I have some incredible memories from 2015, without a doubt, I’m talking travelling and general unforgettable days, but mostly, 2015 was spent learning about myself and self-discovery. Sound a bit wish-washy? Maybe. But 2015 was the year I felt I really got to know myself, know what I want out of life and (somewhat) know where to go.


I learnt what relationships to let go of, I learnt what I wanted to do job wise, I learnt that I’m just not going to like coffee no matter how many times I attempt to drink it and I stopped comparing myself to others and stopped wishing for something better to always come along. I don’t necessarily know how I did it, but I did, and I’m a better (and happier) person for it.


Back in January of last year, I wrote a post about my 2015 aims and goals and what a perfect opportunity it is, January of this year, to reflect on them to see just how many I actually completed! Let’s have a peek, shall we?


  • Get fit and finally work on some sort of exercise routine.
  • Save up to get myself the iMac I’ve always wanted.
  • Purchase something from Selfridges (I’ve never been)
  • Try different food. I always stick with what I know and like.
  • Get a tattoo! (Sorry mum!)
  • Pass my driving test.
  • Go to Paris
  • Cut out fizzy drinks!
  • Explore more of London
  • Make the most of my short time in Brighton
  • Teach Tia paw
  • Be more adventurous with my fashion choices.
  • Try new things! Stop sticking with the old.
  • Actually take a book out from the library.
  • Try sweet potato. Everyone seems to love it.
  • Go into town and not get totally frustrated with the Sunday shoppers on a Tuesday…
  • Go to a zoo.
  • Go on a road trip.
  • Go to Amsterdam

Get fit and finally work on some sort of exercise routine

Sadly, not one I’ve worked on as much as I wanted this year which upsets me a little. Though, I feel I’ve made somewhat of a start (yes I’m justifying myself here…) by finding a gym I would really like to join if my shyness/fear would let me. This is officially my mission for this year to join a gym, attend and have the Victorias Secret Angel’s body I’ve always dreamed of (a girl can very much dream). Saying that, I’ve done some little things to help out in the fitness department. I now walk to university instead of taking the bus and I try to get out the house every day just for a walk about somewhere. But this does need working out, classic lazy girl problem!


Save up and get myself the iMac I’ve always wanted 
Done! It may not be brand new or from the Apple store, but there was a massive bargin on eBay and I just couldn’t resist! I love it; I love the portability of my laptop but there’s something satisfying about sitting by my desk and editing my videos or writing blog posts on the world’s biggest screen. It’s also pretty brilliant for playing music on really loud… (sorry family).



Purchase something from Selfridges
Completed! In fact, I’ve been twice since! My lovely mum and I took a trip to Oxford Street early in the year to break my Selfridges virginity and I went again in Summer to show my friend Becca around; it’s say to safe, it’s probably one of my most favourite places in the world (ridiculous I know). It’s just a wonderful treasure trove and I can only wish I had more opportunities to visit.


Try different food
Not quite, sadly, stuck in my comfort zone with this one! Saying that… I did try (and fall in love with) avocados alongside the rest of the world, so maybe… half done?


Get a tattoo
Nope. Still haven’t fully decided what I 100% want yet and financially, I was never ready. It’s still massively on the bucket list though and it will happen, I promise!
Pass my driving test
I’m very happy to say, after three years of on and off lessons and failing my test once, I finally passed my test on the 13th July last year! It was one of those situations where I had obviously believed I had failed and didn’t quite the believe the examiner when he told me I had passed (I had even kerbed the car on my test, which I thought was an automatic fail?) I was so unbelievably proud and even though I have only about 2% confidence when it comes to actually driving my car, it’s still one of my biggest achievements.
Go to Paris
I’m so excited to be able to say yes to this one! It’s been a dream of mine to go to Paris ever since I was little girl and even though I didn’t quite visit the Eiffel Tower, I did spend the most amazing week in Disneyland Paris and this was without a doubt one of my happiest moments this whole year. We had the most amazing time and to experience all that magic and joy with my best friend was honestly amazing. For someone who nearly didn’t get on a plane to Spain two years ago, I definitely caught the travelling bug this year and I have big plans for next year, after all, I still have to visit the Eiffel Tower! (Post here!)
Cut Out Fizzy Drinks
I may had only started this one in November but again, I’m really happy to say I completed this one! For a girl who used to drink up to three cans of coke a day (absolutely shocking I know) to none…. I mean, I think that’s pretty impressive! I feel so much more awake, active and no longer have intense cravings for sugar, which is wonderful I must say!


Explore More of London
Again, this one is only half done. I actually think 2015 was the year I visited the big smoke the least amount of times, which is sad but the times I did go, they were exploring somewhere new. This Summer I visited Hyde Park for the first time in years and also explored Oxford Street a little bit more and in November I made a quick trip to Soho (post here and here). I just love London, I really, really do and I’m making it my mission to go more this year!


Make the most of my short time in Brighton
Done somewhat. I spent the first half of the year exploring the beach and walking daily from Brighton pier right down to Hove. I adore the beach more than anything in the world and I always forget how lucky I am to be within walking distance to the sea. I also visited a few new places this year, including the beautiful Stanmer park (post here) but there is still so much more to explore!
Teach Tia Paw
Nope. She won’t have any of it. So stubborn (like her mummy).


Be More Adventurous with my Fashion Choices 
Yes, yes and yes! If you’re a regular reader over here (thank you!) you will know that 2015 was the year I really stepped it up with fashion and really fell in love with it! I actually acknowledged trends, read every single report from Fashion Week and was way more conscious of what I buy. For someone who wasn’t always that interested in fashion, I really have fallen in love with it and it really is satisfying finding your style and dressing for you. I love it, I’m much more confident in what I wear which is just amazing as well! (See all my fashion posts here).


Try New Things & Stop Sticking with the old
I haven’t fully 100% broken out of my comfort zone, but I’m getting there and 2015 really helped with that. There’s still so much more to do but I can only hope I have a lifetime to do it!


Try Sweet Potato
Tried it. Hated it. Never again.


Go To a Zoo
I’m not quite sure why I didn’t complete this?! I love the zoo but didn’t quite manage a trip there this year. I’ve visited Colchester Zoo more times that I’ve visited my own bedroom so I think this year it’s time to change it up. I would love to visit London Zoo!


Go on a Road Trip
Not quite, but Summer 2016 is officially going to be fully dedicated to this!


Go to Amsterdam
Again, I’m so happy to say I’ve done this! I visited in June last year and I honestly had the three best days ever! I completely fell in love with Amsterdam, completely head over hills. I would absolutely love to live there; everything was so beautiful and it was so wonderful to explore! I had the best time and I’m already planning my next trip back (post here)!
So I managed a 11/19 which I’m really impressed with! It’s such a wonderful feeling setting a goal and then realising I’ve completed it. I’m really proud of myself for this and whilst there’s still so much more to go, I’ve come such a long way!
I know this has probably been the longest post I’ve ever written but I do hope you’ve enjoyed it! Let me know what goal you completed in 2015, I would love to know! I hope 2016 is filled with more adventures, goal completing and happiness!


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