Hello, 2016

The temptation to put ‘hello, it’s me’ for today’s title was honestly too much for my childish brain to handle…. I’m still fuzzy from Christmas people!
A very warm welcome to a brand new year. I’m rather excited myself, I’m hoping to make 2016 my year. I want to push myself harder in all departments; work, saving, blogging, Youtub-ing, eating, fitness and also, hopefully, a few holidays here and there because we all need a tiny break, right?! I’m looking forward to a fresh start and even brought myself a fancy new planner to get myself all organised (but more on that later)!

New Years Eve/day is mostly a quiet affair for my family and I. None of us are really party goers (how ‘party pooper’ of us…) so we like to enjoy a quiet night in, most likely a takeaway (always a family argument as to what one!) and then an enjoyable meal out New Years day. This year though, we ever so slightly switched it up (yep… I know, absolutely crazy of us!), we grabbed our travel cards and headed to the big smoke for a little adventure. I always enjoy the thrills, sights and hustle of London; there’s never a dull moment and you’ll always manage to find something to do or something to see. The architecture, the shops, the pillar-box red phone boxes scattered around and even that groggy London smell all make me happy.

We visited our favourite corner of London; Covent Garden. A beautiful, almost whimsical and completely underrated, timeless location in my opinion. There’s music, there’s the hustle and bustle of the market filled to brim with perfect gifts and timeless trinkets, there’s the infamous cobbled streets making walking with any height of heel an almighty challenge… and most importantly, my favourite Apple store (and newly opened Charlotte Tilbury!). You can walk around carefree with no worries about crossing roads lined with red buses and black taxis; it’s almost in it’s own little bubble in the very heart of London that’s although busy, somehow remains somewhat peaceful and calm.

First stop was of course to grab some breakfast. Most important meal of the day and all that. We visited Patisserie Valerie, not my usual first choice, but any place willing to make fresh smoothies and has an unlimited choice of pastries was always going to be a winner, let’s be honest. I ordered the delicious Raspberry Heaven (seriously, try it!) which was wonderfully fruity but not overly sour or sweet. The perfect mix, if you will. I kept breakfast simple with just some toast but regretted it almost instantly when I saw my mum’s choice of greek yoghurt, honey and granola. It looked pretty good and she seemed to enjoy it too.. whilst I munched on my ever so exciting toast. Full up on breakfast, we headed to…
Quite simply, a stationary wonderland. I had heard of Kikki. K many times before but outrageous shipping prices and the risk of customs taxes put me off ordering their beautiful stationary but, my gosh, was this worth the wait or what?! Kikki. K finally made their way to London and brought their beautiful notebooks, planners, pens and homeware with them. The stationary addicts inside of both my mum and I practically leapt into the store and it was like a child in a sweet shop. Selves proudly display the beautiful stationery featuring gold foils, pastel colours and the nicest details you can imagine. The store itself is beautiful, big enough to browse easily on a busy day and everything is so accessible and easy to grab and browse through. The staff are as pleasant as the stationary; more than willing to help you out and more than willing to discuss the wonderful world of stationery. I could have stayed in there all day, but I ended up walking out with a little haul which you will see very soon! It’s a beautiful, beautiful store with beautiful, beautiful stationery ready to capture your heart. Believe me, it’s well worth a visit to London.

Coat: Miss Selfridge (Old) / Jumper Dress: Zara / Boots: H&M / Bag: Zara (Old)

Outfit wise I was thinking; comfy, warm but somewhat chic so I obviously had to go for my new Zara jumper dress (i.e best sale item ever!). It’s so unbelievably comfy that I may just have to live in it; the material is thick and the only adequate way to describe it is by saying it’s like a warm, well needed hug from an old friend. It is slightly oversized and would of done nicely with a skinny belt to clinch the waist in but the early morning start meant that getting dressed was a complex achievement in itself. It’s a surprise this all went nicely together, considering I’m sure I was still in dreamland when picking out my outfit of the day…

We made a little trip down Regents Street which always makes me happy (and wishing I had unlimited pennies) and settled for some lovely lunch at our favourite Chinese. At this point though, the crowds were starting to double up by the hundreds, so it was time to fish out the travel card from the bottom of our backs and jump (read as: drag our tired feet slowly down the station) on our train home reminiscing on our wonderful day and looking rummaging through our Kikki K. bags just to remind ourselves on our purchases!

I hope New Years Eve was magical for you as well, here’s to 2016!


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