Beating the January Blues

Picture this…. it’s cold (lovely), it’s raining (lovelier), there is a lack of mince pies (unfortunate), you have to actually attend work/university/school. It’s also no longer acceptable to watch Christmas movies all day surrounded by chocolate, bank balances are in turmoil and that Christmas spirit is no where to be seen. Santa who? It’s January. If you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, I promise you, you’re really not alone. There’s been a few days where I’ve wanted to crawl back into bed surrounded by warmth and happiness myself, so I thought, instead of doing that, I’d share my tips for helping beat the dreaded January blues. So let’s make this month a little more bearable together shall we? We can do this! *muscle emoji*

Good Ol’ Clear Out

Christmas and January sales have been and gone so you probably have some lovely new items to throughly enjoy. It’s a brand new and sparkly year so therefore the perfect opportunity to de-clothe (not literally..) and declutter! Maybe even tackle the shoe cupboard after the wardrobe? I’m sure there’s that odd jumper or t-shirt you’re no longer head over heels with that you could maybe part ways with. I always find it so refreshing to give my bedroom a good clear out, not only will you most likely re-discover old favourites, your mind will be all lovely and clear and your new items will have a brand new home!


Read A New Book

Getting completely and utterly immersed and lost in the beautiful world of words and imagination is the most perfect way to transform your mind and keep the worries and stresses of January firmly in the back of it, even if just for a little while. Whether you’re solving a new crime, falling in love or laughing until your sides hurt, there’s nothing like reading a fantastic book; find the time, pick up a new favourite or re-read a classic, I guarantee you’ll feel better for it.


Get Baking

Whether you’re the next Mary Berry or the smell of burnt cookies is the norm in your home, grab the oven gloves and grab the flour and set yourself a mission to get creative! One of the most comforting smells is the scent of fresh baked goods; don’t ask me why but it really does make you feel warm and cosy inside! It’s creative, it’s fun and ultimately, you’re left with something amazingly delicious to eat after, or share the goodness with friends and family, who might also be feeling a little poopey.


Have some you time

Christmas and New Year are typically surrounded with family and friends and whilst this is wonderful; it’s completely normal to feel maybe a little overwhelmed and wanting to crawl under a duvet for the rest of the month. It’s ok, choose your favourite bath bomb, apply your very favourite face mask, grab that book and have a calm pamper evening. It’s easy to forget ourselves in the season of giving but remember, you have to look after you too.

Sing, Sing, SING!

I’m personally one of the worst singers probably in the entirety of Essex, but even I can’t help belting out a bit of Mariah (you can bet that sounds good…). Singing and having a little bit of a boogey, or simply sitting on the sofa with your headphones jamming silently to music is one of the most uplifting things you can do, if you ask me! Music can make you feel so many different emotions and much like reading, can completely take you to a different location, time and setting without even leaving home. Stick on your favourite album or browse the Spotify playlists for something fun and uplifting and let yourself get completely immersed in the music. I’m currently obsessed with (yes, still) Made in the AM by One Direction (perfect for those chill vibes) and Get Weird by Little Mix (very fun and the ballads will make you weep… in a good way!). Plus, you just can’t go wrong with 1989. Never ever.

The End is Near

Nothing lasts forever. You will be ok, I promise you. No matter how bad things seem right now, there will be light somewhere. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and embrace the emotions but always keep in mind that one day everything will turn around for the better. I promise! Always stand tall and keep that beautiful smile on your face and the rest will work its self out.


Abbi x

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