2016 Goals

If you happened to watch my Christmas Tag with Becca the other week, you would know I have a slight issue with resolutions. The big scary life missions you have to set and complete otherwise life just isn’t worth living. Atleast, that’s what they mean to me. I made the decision last year to no longer set ‘resolutions’ but to set goals; small milestones I’d throughly like to do in the upcoming year but it won’t completely break my heart if I don’t. After reflecting on the goals I did manage to complete last year, it’s given me a few ideas for this year.


  • Turn into Taylor Swift (possibly somewhat impossible, will attempt)…
  • Achieve a first in atleast one of my University grades
  • Reach 600 Bloglovin Followers
  • Reach 600 Instagram Followers
  • Travel to more of Europe
  • Visit the Harry Potter Studios (again)
  • Become more social
  • Drink more water
  • Learn how to french plait decently…
  • Stop having sugary cereals/treats everyday
  • Take up jogging and/or join a gym
  • Start actually putting money away
  • Do that vlogging thing atleast once a month
  • Master the messy bun
  • Explore more of the UK
  • Learn how to contour Kim K style…. (one day)
So there we have it, some more serious goals and some less but still doable (apart from the contouring one, I just don’t think anyone can reach Kim’s standards…).
What are some of your goals this year?
Hello, 2016
Thanks 2015!
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