Winter Warmers

Coat: River Island / Jumper: Pull & Bear / Jeggings: Miss Selfridge / Sneakers: Adidas

As we’re officially in December, i.e one of the coldest months of the year, it’s time to dig out the Winter coat, the Winter Scarfs and maybe even the Winter hats. As much as I love to co-ordinate my coat with my outfit for the whole look, you know? I know just how valuable it is (especially here in England where it rains and blows a gale literally every other day) to have something warm, practical and isn’t afraid of getting a little wet.

Every year I can’t help but pick up a parka. They’re not my favourite design of coat ever made but, boy, are they practical. They’re normally always quite thick so the warm factor is there, the material can with stand getting wet and won’t ruin, there’s pockets for all your belongings and most importantly, most of them come with a hood! I picked this one from River Island purely because of it’s rather impressive hood; just look at that fluff! It was love at first touch, quite literally. I’ve paired it with a big ol’ chunky scarf (Primark never runs out of cool options) and I’m somewhat good to go this Winter.
Pick my Winter warmers below:



Photos: Becca Gadd
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