Thanks 2015!

Coming to the end of a year is always emotional business if you ask me. I like to take this time to fully reflect on the previous year; the ups, the downs and those little moments you sometimes forget over the last twelve months. I thought I would take this little moment to look back on everything I did in 2015 and share with you some the special moments, I rarely get too personal on here, so I do hope you enjoy this post!


Valentines Day / If you’re expecting a love-y and gushy post here, I’m afraid I might just disappoint you slightly! This year, instead of roses and presents, I spent the day with my best friend. For the record, we didn’t necessary plan to spend Valentines together, it just happened to be the release date of the little movie, I don’t know, you may of heard of it? Fifty Shades of Grey? Ring any bells? Anyway turns out I didn’t actually enjoy the movie but I did have a really lovely day (which I vlogged by the way, you can watch that here). We visited Brighton’s oh so famous pier, went on the rides, felt a little bit sick but still managed to go shopping and just had one of those days which reminds you that sometimes, girly chats and girly company is all you need.


The Science Museum / Also in February, Becca and I made a trip to the much fun Science Museum in London (we also vlogged this too). It was honestly so much fun; I had visited the museum before (didn’t every school in the Essex/London area go here atleast once?) but it had somewhat faded from memory so going back and learning so much was really lovely and made such a change from a normal typical day (which mainly includes Netflix and about 5 minutes of studying…) Exploring London, as you know, is one of my favourite things to do and on a massive plus side, it didn’t rain (shocker, I know!).


Passing 1st Year / After my trial and tribulations of my previous university experience (let’s not go there…), actually completing and passing this year was one of my favourite achievements! I was convinced that university wasn’t for me after joining a course I fell out of love with and got to a wonderful point in my life where I felt like I was at such a crossroads (dramatic huh?). But, I picked myself back up, spent lots of money buying clothes, joined another course, and feel in love with the experience for the first time (not the debt though…). I’m now currently in my second year and still loving every minute, I even somewhat enjoy the assignments!


Amsterdam / I have a bucket list and ticking something off of that bucket list is such a wonderful feeling. In June last year my mum and I flew to Amsterdam, somewhere I’d been wanting to explore and experience for a long while… It’s been my aim to travel and explore more of Europe and I certainly have that Wanderlust bug people talk so often about. Amsterdam is beautiful, so so beautiful and so much fun; I throughly enjoyed the three days I was there and I have some really amazing memories from it! (Posts here and here.)


Passing my Driving Test / It only took me three years of on and off lessons to finally be handed that all important certificate meaning I was actually capable of driving a car (somewhat)… literally my biggest achievement this year haha! Nothing makes me happier than not having the pre-driving lessons nerves once a week!


Hyde Park in Summer / Slap bang in the middle of July, Becca and I grabbed our travel cards and headed to the big smoke. It was a beautiful day; the sun was shining, I’m sure the birds were singing but it’s reaaaaally loud in London so I’m afraid I cannot confirm or deny this, but the residents of London were actually smiling and Oxford Street was a breeze. We shopped till we literally dropped and then spent the rest of the day sipping tea and taking in all the delights of Hyde Park on a hot Summers day. It was a really lovely few hours that I remember very fondly! (Posts here and here.)


Disneyland Paris / Spending five days in the most magical place on Earth was absolutely what I needed. It was exhausting and expensive, but, my gosh, it was worth every penny and ounce of energy I spent on that trip. I will never forget the feeling of sitting on the Magical Shuttle Bus on our way to the Parks and feeling the adrenaline building up. It was a beautiful trip with so much laughter, memories and stories I will never forget. I honestly had the best time ever and I really do miss just wandering around the Parks and taking everything in so much. Without a doubt, another visit is very much due! (Vlogs here, posts here).


On The Road Again / It’s no secret that I’m a very big fan of One Direction and have been for the past five years (they are the reason I have no money, honestly) and this year brought me my last One Direction concert (atleast for a little while, if they actually come back). This was my sixth One Direction concert over the last five years and call me obsessed but they make me happy. Their music makes me happy. Nothing makes me happier than being in an arena or stadium with likewise people, singing along to all the songs I love. The boys never fail to put on a brilliant show and this concert was actually one of their best and I will never forget being 20, standing front row at the concert, singing along like a crazy women. Probably a story I’ll tell my kids one day (they’re going to love me)…


Yap Yap Yap Tour / Venturing out on a cold November night, Becca and I headed to the Brighton Dome (which is well and truly beautiful) to go and see the incredible Alan Carr, he’s a personal favourite of mine so it’s really no surprise I spent the whole night in sitches, wiping tears from my eyes. I wasn’t ever really one to go and ‘see’ comedians, but it was one of my favourite nights and let’s be honest, we all know laughter is the best form of medicine.


So thank you 2015, you carried some of my most amazing memories. I can hope 2016 brings many, many more!


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