Pier Lights


On a cold, windy Winters night what’s the best thing to do? Grab your scarf and your pennies and head to the pier. We may of quite literally frozen to death and I’m not sure my hair is ever going to look normal again, but, we braved the wind and had a jolly good time.

We all know that Brighton is one of my favourite places in the world and the mega-touristy pier is really no exception; the lights, the food (try the crepes, seriously, they’re really good) and the atmosphere all makes it the perfect place to visit for any Brighton visiter. Every Christmas, the massive tree magically appears overnight and up go all the lights and it really is a sight to see. We ventured down, took in all the pretty lights and had a wander. There’s something very calming yet somewhat haunting looking out into the sea in the darkness with only the street lights to guide you. Walking down Brighton pier signing and dancing to Christmas songs is truly one of my favourite past times and I just had to share the magic with you.

With only two nights to go, I hope you’re well and truly in the Christmas mood and all ready to go. As I write this I’m playing all the classics (yes, Mariah, I’m talking about you) and thinking about all the food I wish to consume over the night few days. Exciting times!

Photos: Becca Gadd
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