One Day To Go…

The lights are softly twinkling. The presents are wrapped and have been placed gently under the tree. The house smells of baking. The box of Quality Street is waiting patiently to get well and truly dug into. All I can hear is those Christmas songs I’ve grown up with. The Christmas Spirit is well and truly around. It’s Christmas Eve. 

It feels like only yesterday I was eagerly ripping the little cardboard door open on my light up Frozen advent calendar for the first of December (I try to be cool… really). It feels like only yesterday I was watching the lights being put up on Brighton high street. It feels like only yesterday I was ordering the gifts online and struggling to pick what wrapping paper to choose this year. How is it already December 24th?

I really, really hope that you have the most amazing, beautiful, fun-filled Christmas possible. I hope you create amazing memories and traditions you’re going to carry on year after year. I hope the food is amazing, the board games are as fun as ever, the laughter is endless and the smiles are permanent. I hope that whatever you are doing, however you are spending Christmas this year is truly fantastic. 
As usual, I’m spending the special day with my nearest and dearest, playing endless board games and endlessly eating chocolate, peanuts and cheese, no doubt. I know it’s not quite New Year yet but thank you so much for reading, following and enjoying Simply Abbi with me this year. It’s been so fun and a honour to share my thoughts and loves with the world. Here’s to more to come!

To honour tradition and as I said last year… “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Abbi x
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