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It’s actually quite the rarity to see the word ‘skincare’ here on SimplyAbbi. Despite starting this little space on the web as a pure beauty blog, my skincare collection isn’t anything to shout about; I like to use just a few staple products and it’s actually quite unheard of for me to actively try out skincare. When Ben from Manuka Doctor very kindly got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to try a selection of Manuka Doctor skincare products, which have purified bee venom (eek) in them, I ended up jumping at the chance, especially after he informed me the products are 100% bee friendly. Yippee for bees! 

Replenishing Facial Oil / This was the product that really got me (and my skin) excited. Facial oils have been on the market for ages and this particular offering contains Manuka oil, is replenishing and comes in a lovely little bottle that just fits perfectly on my bathroom shelf. This makes my skin feel so lovely, soft and almost youthful. It’s beautifully smooth, doesn’t just sit on top of the skin and doesn’t leave that dreaded greasy mask either. I suffer with slightly dry skin and this nicely adds a layer of moisture, doesn’t highlight it or leave it flaky. It’s just lovely and a joy to apply morning and night. Top tip: Add this into your night cream for even extra moisture but still keeping all the wonderful benefits of the oil. 

Purifying Facial Peel / I love peels. Do you love peels? Oh I love ’em. They’re just so unbelievably satisfying. Just like feeling PVA glue off of your hands at school. Except, facial peels have a lot more benefits than PVA glue which just left your hands sore and red (didn’t stop you though, did it?). I’ve used this a few times now (I just can’t resist the whole peeling thing) and I just love it. I suffer from the odd blemish here and there and those pesky blackheads – don’t you just love them? – and this does a pretty decent job at helping them on their way out. You can literally feel this working on your skin which is just amazing. This is perfect for congested skin; just apply a thin and even layer, give it around 15 minutes to harden and work it’s magic and then, the fun part, simply peel off! No mess, no awkward packaging, just something that seems to really work. A definite repurchase for sure!

Flawless Skincare Primer / I always find primer a funny one. Sometimes I wear it and I love it and sometimes I don’t notice a difference. This particular primer offers a really light cover; which I’m such a big fan of! It doesn’t leave the skin feeling congested, really subtly evens out slight redness and subtly reduces the appearance of pores which is obviously perfect for any foundation but particular lightweight BB creams. I don’t feel the need to wear this everyday, but it’s a lovely addition to my collection and is lovely for bad skin days where I really don’t need my makeup sliding off by lunchtime!

Lip Enhancer / Kylie Jenner lip fans rejoice. This lip enhancer really works (you can literally feel it) and the results are more or less instant. This has a thin, clear consistency and comes with quite a strong smell (I’m not the biggest fan but it doesn’t linger long thankfully) and creates visibly fuller lips. This doesn’t quite give you massive lips but I did notice a difference and they certainly looked that little bit more fuller. Especially my rather thin upper top lip. What’s more, this also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, so a win-win for all situation? I’m not sure you 100% need this in your collection, but if you’re looking for a way to enhance and moisturise the lips without the need of any needles or surgery, this is a pretty good option!
All-in-all, a really lovely selection of products that seem to really work. In fact, I’ve fully incorporated these into my everyday skincare and haven’t looked back since. I’m so glad I’ve been introduced to Manuka Doctor and I’m already eyeing up some other products to use alongside these! The packaging is nice, does the job and the products are ultimately purse-friendly; definitely one to try.

Have you given Manuka Doctor a go (it’s available on the Superdrug website!)? 

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