Last Minute Gifts: Dove Gift Sets

With only six days to go until the big day, it’s time to stick all the presents under the tree and start the last minute festivities by watching as many Christmas movies as you can cram in within six days, but if you’re a little late to the party and still have those last few gifts left to give, why don’t you let me help you out!

Like most beauty brands, Dove really excels when it comes to Christmas gifts set and this year is really no exception. Packed with lovely products that are both brilliant for pampering and genuinely useful and contained in again, a useful and lovely cosmetics bag, you cannot go wrong with these; purse-friendly, staple and classic products. The lovely ladies at Dove very nicely sent me two of their gift sets this year to tell you about and it’s safe to say, I’m massively impressed (and would also love to receive these under the tree this year)!

The smaller set of the two ‘Cherish Minis‘, is perfect for someone who loves to travel, a university student, a business gal, someone younger who maybe wants to give all the beauty stuff a go or someone who just loves travel sized products. This includes three items in a cute little pouch that are just made perfect for travelling. I’m personally a massive fan of gifts sets that come with a pouch or bag; the products may run out but the bag can be then used for just about anything (this little pouch is lovely for packing your daily beauty essentials and carrying around in your handbag, FYI)! The Pomegranate & Lemon Deodorant* smells just incredible! Wonderfully fresh but beautifully subtle so the scent is there, but it’s not going to overpower you (or anyone who happens to be by your armpits…), the deeply nourishing body wash* is something I’ve actually used before and really, really love; it keeps your body all lovely and soft, again, has a really fresh, clean scent and is a wonderful edition to your shower. The nourishing lotion* has to be my favourite though. With Shea butter and vanilla, this feels amazing on the skin, smells beautiful and is a perfect companion in the Winter months. I can’t help but think this would also be lovely to apply on a Summers holiday. All in all, a lovely little set that any girl is going to love to receive this year! 

The second and larger ‘Real Women’ gift set comes with three full sized products. The wash bag is absolutely perfect for carting around your toiletries and makeup, it’s just the perfect size! This includes the rich nourishment cream* which I just love! This is incredible for deep moisturising your body after a lovely shower or bath, or just applying onto those pesky dry patches normally on your elbows or knees. A lovely product which isn’t too greasy. There’s also the full sized of the deeply nourishing body wash and a nourishing hand cream which is lovely, non-greasy and does the trick.

Both of these gift sets are perfect and contain some really amazing products that any beauty lover is going to fall in love with! The Cherish Minis gift set retails at £6 and the Real Women Gift Set retails at £10 making them both beautiful and purse friendly! They are available at Boots, Superdrug, most supermarkets and Amazon meaning it’s really easy to grab these last minute gifts!

Have you got all your presents sorted this year?
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