It’s a Lush Christmas

It’s a well-known fact that Lush’s seasonal launches gets the world excited. Every year they bring back some old favourites and also new loves to celebrate Valentine’s day, Easter, Halloween and my personal favourite, Christmas. I genuinely get so excited by the Christmas releases and it was only essential I popped in store and picked up some of the goodies ready to use over the festive period. Here’s what just happened to land in my basket (nope, I have no idea how it happened, honestly!).


Star Dust /
As much as I love the super colourful bath bombs, sometimes I just like to indulge in something a little simpler. I picked this one up due to the light, uplifting vanilla scent, which I just knew would be perfect for relaxing and switching off of a chilly evening. Visually, I love the white with the ever so subtle gold glitter coating which isn’t too over the top and keeps it wonderfully simple, but still with that tiny bit of Christmas magic. This is one of the cheaper options from the Christmas range and whilst it isn’t crazy exciting, it’s simple, does the trick and is perfect company for a wintery bath.


The Magic of Christmas /
Out of the Christmas range this year, this is the product that excited me the most and got me running into a store to pick up. First off, the benefit of this is that it’s reusable; many Lush products are one use wonders and there’s something very pleasing about being able to use this a few times to keep that Christmas magic alive. Probably the most Christmassy thing about this is the smell. With hints cinnamon and orange, this will be a perfect one to use on Christmas Eve to get you ready for the big day. This is so visually pleasing also with the little bow, bell and glitter, it’s hard to not keep this one on display.


Peeping Santa / 
Again, as this is a bubble bar, this can be reused if you don’t want to use this all at once (yay)! I just love how cute this is and probably the cutest one out of the range, I kinda don’t want to use this just so it stays in it’s perfect Santa form! This features shea and cocoa butter which is going to leave your skin all soft, silky and Christmas day ready; moisturising is my least favourite thing after shower/bath chore, so I’m pleased this can do all the work for me, whilst smelling wonderful, fresh, fruity and all around lovely. Not really a Christmas scented product but I guess the Santa appearance makes up for that slightly!


Father Christmas / 
Again, a lack of typical Christmas scent but this one does have a wonderfully sweet scent (somewhat reminiscent of Snow Fairy) that reminds me of my childhood, which in hand, reminds me of Christmas; so I guess this one does work for the festive season! Visually, this is delightful and definitely festive; a happy looking Santa, my only wish is that it could have been more red than pink but I guess I’m just being picky now! I’ve heard that this gives off a surprising green bath which makes me really intrigued and excited so I think I’m going to wrap this post up now and head straight for the bath!

Have you picked up any of the Lush Christmas goodies this year? Which one is your favourite?


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