The Christmas Wishlist.

With only 35 odd days till the big day… it’s time to actually start thinking about what I want this Christmas. Every year I seem to find this harder and harder… why? All year round I can tend to find things I would buy if I had the money but as soon as it comes to my birthday and Christmas, I’m stuck! Regardless, I’ve found a few items I wouldn’t mind finding under my tree this year, and maybe these will even give you some ideas for yourself or for gifts this year, enjoy!

YSL Touche Eclat / 
The YSL Touche Eclat is one of those makeup items that has forever been on my wishlist but I’ve never ever taken the plunge and purchased. It’s ever so famous, everyone seems to own it and everyone seems to love it. I think 2016 is the year I finally use this and see what all the fuss is about!

Olivia Burton Watch /
I’ve kept my eye out for a new watch for the last few months and I feel now I have found the one I’m after… I love my Michael Kors watch and it’s literally my prized possession but I want to switch it up slightly and own something a little less chunky. This Olivia Burton watch still has that rose gold I love, a light strap and looks a lot more delicate on the wrist that my Michael Kors one does.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Glastonberry / 
It wouldn’t be a 2015 Christmas wishlist without featuring Charlotte Tilbury now, would it? There’s a lot of products I lust for from Charlotte Tilbury but I think, if I had to settle that down to just one, it would be the oh-so-famous Glastonberry lipstick. Such a beautiful shade, luxurious gold packaging and the unique bullet shade makes it a must have. Again, maybe 2016 is the year I actually try Charlotte Tilbury?!

SkinnyDip Dita Case / 
Talking of glamour… just look at that glitter?! This may be slightly over the top but I may be slightly in love with it…? I’m actually in need of a new iPhone case as well, I just like to change it up and I really do think that this one is a serious contender. Just… just admire that gold glitter.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set / 
I’m already lucky enough to own some Zoeva brushes so I can officially state just how good these are. The brushes themselves look beautiful, are wonderfully soft and clean up really nicely. After throwing away some of my more older brushes, I need a few more in my collection and these really are perfect (and rose gold, always go for the rose gold).

Rifle Paper Co. Cities Calendar / 
I use my phone religiously for it’s calendar and that’s ok, but there’s something about having an actual calendar on the wall which I really like. I’m still at uni, and the amount of time I lose track of the days and deadlines is ridiculous, so I think that next year I would like a calendar in plain eye’s view where I can easily see all the important dates I’ve circled. The Rifle Paper Co. prints are really beautiful and I’m in love with their cities prints, I couldn’t of been happier when I found out you can buy them in calendar form. 

Mini Instax Glitter Picture Frame / 
As you may know I was given a Instax Printer for my birthday this year (thanks Mama!) and basically, it’s my favourite thing ever. I had hundreds of little polaroid pictures scattered around and it would be lovely to put some in frames. I guess we’ve already established that I’m a little glitter obsessed… so I guess this one is perfect really!

Soap and Glory The Wheel Deal /
I love love love Christmas gift sets and I think that every year the one’s created by the genius’s over at Soap & Glory are my favourite. This set includes everything you need to pamper your body and give it all the loving it deserves. It comes with the ever-so-famous Flake Away and five travel-sized body butters. To sum it all up, I want need it. 

What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?
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