Relaxation Kit With Syndol

You know the feeling, it’s been a long day at work/university, it’s been cold, raining and miserable and to top it off, you’re feeling sightly under the weather. I do think I’m one of those people who suffer ever so slightly when the season changes! So, when Syndol got in contact and offered to send me a relaxation kit, I pretty much jumped at the chance.
The Nourish Relax Stater Kit* is filled with four mini products all perfect for sensitive and stressed skin. Can I just say before anything else, the packaging is really lovely. Considering this is a mini set, the packaging is sturdy and I love the fact that it comes with pumps and sprays, I’m a big fan, and it’s perfect for putting into your makeup bag for easy travelling.

All the products are scented with lavender, which, a little over heavy if you use all the products at once but wonderfully relaxing and soft and perfect for preparing to finally settle down and relax for the evening. The cleanser is wonderfully soft, gentle and still manages to keep my skin feeling lovely and clean. It doesn’t leave any lasting residue and is quite honestly, a joy to apply. The toning mist is probably my favourite. Wonderfully refreshing and just a little spritz makes me feel so much better; toners have never been a staple part of my routine, but I really like this one and find myself reaching for it daily. The Peptide Serum excites me the most, I suffer with combination skin and this just leaves those dry patches lovely and soft without feeling greasy or heavy on the skin. The redness I suffer from around these patches is basically existent and my makeup no longer clings to them after using this. The moisturiser is lovely too, again, leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft, and if you’re a fan, the lavender smell does stick around for a little while.Considering my life is is full with deadlines at the moment and my stress levels are that little bit higher than normal, I’ve really enjoyed coming home, eating dinner, studying and writing and then removing my makeup and using these wonderful products to slowly turn off my brain for the day, prep my skin and finally feel relaxed and refreshed! So wonderful and every day is closer to deadline day, which scares me endless but every day is also another day closer to freedom! (Until the next deadline that is…)

What’s your top tip for turning off and relaxing in an evening?

Syndol Headache Relief has been specifically designed to provide rapid relief from headache and migraine pain. Adults and children over 12 years of age, two tablets taken with water every four hours. No more than eight tablets in 24 hours. You should only taken this product for a maximum of three days at a time, if you need to take it for more, you should consult your doctor of pharmacist for advice. Always read the label. Disclaimer: I am in no way a medical professional, this post was simply about relaxation in collaboration with Syndol.

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