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Just like fashion and makeup, skincare also changes from season to season. I’m a fan of light formulas in the Spring and Summer seasons, but when the weather turns that little bit more harsher and colder, your skin needs just that little bit more protection. I’m by no means a skincare expert and it’s definitely something I need to spend more time researching, but I thought it would be useful to see what products I enjoy using in the winter months!
Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm / 
When it comes to removing makeup and cleansing the skin, there’s only one product I turn to from late-September and that’s the fabulous Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. Whenever I use this I’m sure my skin screams out a little ‘yippee’, I’m sure. This removes makeup so easily, which is great as my makeup in Winter does tend to get a little heavier, and really cleanses the skin without needing to be a harsh product, cue a squeaky clean and soft face which I live for. Slightly pricey, but worth every penny if you ask me.

The Body Shop Seaweed Exfoliator /

The Body Shop is normally my first port of call for skincare and it was during a random, ‘I-had-no-intention-of-buying-anything-shop that I picked this little skin saver up. An exfoliator is essential in every skincare routine but there are so just so many out there it’s so hard to find the perfect one for your skin. This removes dead skin cells easily but doesn’t leave my skin red and angry which isn’t ideal for the Winter months. This is also really refreshing as you can imagine and has a wonderful, ‘fresh’ scent. I just can’t help but always come back to this.
Botanics Ionic Clay Mask / 
It’s normally during the Winter months that my skin becomes slightly more problematic and needs something that little bit tougher to deal with it. That’s when I grab this purse-friendly clay mask, apply it to my t-zone and let it do its thing. This really helps with my breakouts and you can really feel this working. My skin feels so clean and ‘pure’ after using this, it impresses me every time! I typically use this once a week if my skin is going through a particularly bad patch or one every two weeks once it clears up. 
The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream /
I know some people like to go for a slightly thicker formula in Winter for eye-cream but I think this one from The Body Shop has just the right consistency. It’s thick enough to really coat the undereye are and add some much-needed hydration, but not too thick that it sits on top of the skin. This keeps my tired, winter eyes looking a little bit more human, cheers Body Shop! 
Sugar & Spice Self-Heating Mask / 
Picture this, a cold, grey evening, it’s raining outside, you’ve had a long day at work; what do you need? A pamper evening that is! Time to crack out the candles, the body scrub and… the facemasks. Like anything in the beauty world, there’s so many to choose from but a simple favourite of mine are these from Superdrug. The self-heating ones are perfect for Winter and will make you feel all warm and snuggly and it’s only a plus that there are actual skin benefits too!

I love a really thick moisturiser in Winter, not only does my skin crave it in general, it feels lovely applied to skin that has been through it all; rain, wind and possibly, though rare, even snow. This is my favourite one, it’s thick but not greasy and takes only a tiny bit longer than usual to sink in. Not only that, it only uses natural and organic ingredients which makes me happy!
Make sure to take care of your skin these next few months, what are your top tips? 

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