Winter Lipsticks

We’ve been through this many a time, I like Autumn and Winter. I like coats and scarfs and hot chocolates and X Factor and candles and frosty mornings and pumpkins and hot tea. I also really like berry lips, but there are other alternatives for those who aren’t as big of a fan as I am. You can definitely get away with nudes, reds and even coral colours in the colder months and I thought I’d show you my favourites you can play around with this Winter.

The Purple /
Purple, whilst daring and brave, is an essential in any person’s lipstick collection. It may not be the easiest to find, though more and more brands are picking it up, but my favourite is Perrie’s shade from Little Mix’s collection with Collection. Bold but creamy, has a semi-matte finish and doesn’t transfer that easily i.e the recipe for the perfect purple lip. MAC do a lovely handful of purples, ranging from the more lilac to the much more intense. Top tip: don’t be shy when it comes to blotting, your purple pout will last longer if you do!
The Berry /
I couldn’t write this without including atleast one berry shade in this post, let’s be honest. Rimmel’s 107 may already be in the hands of most of the UK population who have access to a Superdrug, but it really is my favourite. A rich wine colour you can’t go wrong with, the matte finish that really ties in the whole look and the lasting power that really puts other lipsticks to shame. Believe me, this is worth the hype. 
The Darker Red / 
Want something slightly darker than your typical power red? But not quite into the wines? MAC’s Fire Sign is perfect for this. It also has a nice creamy finish for those who aren’t into mattes but really packs in the colour. It’s also slightly sheerer, so perfect for those dipping their toes into the darker lip waters. Such a wonderful shade I really enjoy picking out nearer Christmas time! 
The Actual Red / 
There’s nothing wrong with wearing an everyday red in Winter. I really love a bold red with orange undertones that will really stand from the overcast weather and obviously looks incredible with a simple eye or feline flick. You can’t go wrong with MAC’s Lady Danger, a powerhouse red that will stand out on even the greyest of days. Oh, and this one will last you all day too. 
The Coral / 
Thought corals were only for Summer? You couldn’t have been more wrong, personally, I like teaming a really monotone or grey outfit with a red/orange coral lip. The contrast is lovely and any lip colour is bound to stand out. Topshop’s Satorial has been a longtime favourite of mine; bold, fun, longlasting, lovely packaging all for a rather purse-friendly price. And, of course, those orange undertones I love so much. 
The Nude / 
Nudes have been all the rage this year and it’s easy to see wear. They’re so wearable, easy and it means you can actually drink and eat without worrying your lipstick resembles that of a clown, I love them. I like to go for the more darker/browner nudes in Autumn/Winter, I’m all for bold colours, even nudes and my favourite is the Maybelline Colour Drama in Nude Perfection. A perfect product to achieve the Kylie Jenner nude the world loves, has that matte finish I’m all for and thankfully, lasts all day.
The Dusty Pink /  
Bourjois’ Rouge Edition Velvet lip creams are one of my most favourite lip products in my collection. The smell of them is awful, but that does eventually get drowned out with all the pros. These seriously pack some colour, don’t budge off your lips easily and have a lovely matte finish without completely drying out my lips. The packaging is cute, the product is lovely and all at drugstore prices. Don’t Pink of it! is my favourite for Autumn and Winter, and normally my go-to shade!
The Superdrug Haul.
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