Trench Coats and Beach Huts.

Coat: Primark / Top: ASOS / Jeans: Missguided / Boots: River Island / Bag: Zara

Let’s be honest, I couldn’t live in Brighton and not take some outfit photo’s down by the beach could I? Autumn can be quite a difficult time of year to dress for, I’d massively recommend layers so that way you can dress (and undress) accordingly. Trench Coats are a timeless classic and you can pretty much guarantee they’re going to be on style every season, every year. They are also one of those items you can safely spend that little bit more on; they’re never going to look out of place in your wardrobe. Admittedly, this one is from Primark; but the quality is is lovely and you can’t go wrong with the signature camel colour. One day though I would love to invest in a Burberry trench, a girl can dream right?Shop some more of my coat picks this season below:

Staying Cosy This Winter
The Fluffy Jumper.
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