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Believe it or not, the re-design of the Tanya Burr Cosmetics line didn’t excite me as much as beauty launches normally do; I already had quite a few lipglosses and polishes from the collection (which I really love by the way, see my review of the Afternoon Tea lipgloss here!) and not much else wowed me. It wasn’t till I was actually standing in my local Superdrug; trying my hardest to not drool over the makeup stands, that the new and shiny collection caught my eye. 

First up, the re-design is lovely. It may sound mean, but I didn’t realise just how cheap the original packaging looked compared to this much more elegant design that I really love. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Tanya Burr Cosmetics logo on the front, I wouldn’t have said that these were incredibly purse friendly, at all. The new gold lid and font details really do ooze luxury and the new flatter, rectangle design changes these up from other polishes in the drugstore. Still, Tanya keeps her stamp with the little pink heart on the lid which I believe her previous line had; it’s cute, it’s personal, it’s fun. 

Tanya has brought out a few new products to go alongside the re-launch, but the two polishes I walked away with are from the original, but newly reformulated, line. My favourite out of the two (and perfect for Autumn) has to be New York Night, a rich, deep violet colour that screams ‘class’ and has all the glamour you would require at LFW. I’m a big fan, the colour is bold, has a wonderful shine to it and I didn’t notice any chipping till the fourth day of wear. The pastel fan in me couldn’t help but reach for Fairy Godmother, a milky blue that almost has very light lilac undertones. 

As soon as Superdrug stocks back up on this collection I will most likely be walking away with more, especially since I’ve heard such good things about the eye palettes! 

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