May Favourites

I’ve managed to round up some of the products I loved all throughout May; it was a toughie, May apparently was the month I fell in love with lots of products but I somehow managed to narrow it down, just. And oh, yes you read that right – it’s June. I know you wouldn’t think it considering the first two days of June so far have been cold, windy and pretty damn miserable but it is in fact June. At least I think it is…

May brought back the appearance of purple shampoo into my hair routine. Despite the amount of damage my poor hair has been through with bleach, I just couldn’t help myself and got my hairdresser to put some highlights back in for the Summer. Like most times with bleach, I ended up with a few strands a bit brassier than others so I had a look round and managed to find the Bleach London Silver Shampoo (£5.00) I had brought a month or so before I dyed my hair brown. Made by a company specifically tailored for bleached barnets, this quickly tones down any shade of brassiness to a clean white shade. Leave it on for a little bit longer and it will turn slightly more grey. The purple is so pigmented this shampoo allows you to achieve any shade you desire. It managed to nicely tone down my brassiness and massively improve the overall look of my hair and oh – it smells really good too!

I’ve also found myself picking up the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette (£23.00) nearly everyday this month. Filled with four completely matte shades and one which has a tiny touch of shimmer (Skimp – far left), this palette can be used to create endless looks. I’ve found that ‘Cover’ is a great eyebrow filling shade – it’s a medium brown but doesn’t have a red undertone so it’s a great match for those brunette haired girls out there. This palette makes mornings easy, a quick dash of Skimp all over the lid and either ‘Frisk’ or ‘Cover’ in the outer crease makes for a perfect everyday eye. As someone who has a tiny amount of lid space to work with, mattes are much more suited for my eye shape so I can’t really go wrong with this. Another reason this has been in my makeup bag a lot recently is it’s size, it’s perfect for travelling and I have no doubt this will be joining me on my travels to Amsterdam and Paris soon.

On the subject of eyes, the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (£7.99) has made my lashes look pretty damn good if you ask me! This mascara really gives me that doe-eyed effect and really does lengthen my lashes. Drugstore mascaras can be a little hit and miss but this is one I’ve picked up nearly every single day. It’s not wet or hard to work with and really does give a lovely finish which only requires minimal effort. When I first used this, I was completely wowed by the effect it gave and I honestly continued to be wowed everyday. If you ask me, one of the best mascaras I’ve tried to come out of the drugstore in a very long time!

One of my top skincare picks this month is the Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes (£4.49). Either I’m not paying much attention in Boots but I haven’t seen any kind of micellar makeup wipes before so it safe to say these really did intrigue me. For those nights I’ve been feeling super lazy and just want a quick fix to remove my makeup, these have been so handy. Made with micellar water these remove my makeup like a dream and don’t even make my face get all red and angry! I also find that my skin actually feels clean after using these and I really, really like them. Again, another product I will no doubt be packing later this month for travelling!

If you had asked me “what was that bright pink lipstick you were wearing the other day Abbi?” the answer would have been the MAC Miley Cyrus Viva Glam Lipstick (£15.50).Whenever the weather has been warm and sunny I’ve just automatically reached for this hot-hue to wear. Even in the warmer weather, this isn’t uncomfortable on the lips; it’s creamy, applies like a dream and doesn’t manage to adhere to those pesky dry spots and make them stand out like no ones business. The amplified finish means this is seriously packing with colour and the finish gives a really lovely sheen to the lips that is pretty hard to budge. I can drink and eat happily knowing this isn’t going to move too much around my face and lets be honest, this is your perfect Summer shade. If I’ve been reaching for it a lot during May, I wonder how much I’m going to be reaching for this when it’s actually Summer!

If you watch beauty youtubers, this product may not come as a surprise to you as it’s something that many of them claim to love. The Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm (£38.00) has managed to balance out my combination skin and is also one of the only cleansers I have tried that hasn’t flared up my sensitive skin. This makes for one happy Abbi! Not only does this remove all my makeup like a dream, this feels amazing on my skin and doesn’t actually excites me to remove my makeup. Sad I know but it’s amazing when you find a product that’s so good that you get excited to use it! This is definitely a pricey option for your skincare statsh but it’s without a doubt a incredible product and I can vouch and say that this is worth every one of your hard-earned penneys!

What’s been your favourite product this month?

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