Easter Thoughts

Easter isn’t really a big deal in our family buuuuut we did have a really nice Sunday! My parents went out early afternoon for a while so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to whip up some Easter treats. I ended up going for super quick, super easy and super popular sugar cookies! With just 3 main ingredients (spices and additional flavours are optional – I added vanilla) and just a bit of mixing, the cookies were cooked and ready all within half hour! My parents arrived home and if it wasn’t for that beautiful baking smell, they would of had no idea I had baked! I found this cute bunny cookie cutter in the back of a cupboard and couldn’t help thinking how perfect it was for Easter! Once the cookies were cool, I whipped up a bit of royal icing (again, so simple) and got as creative as my non-artist self allowed. They were slightly overdone (I forgot to check…. oops) but, I personally really like them, the vanilla isn’t too overpowering and there isn’t crazy amounts of icing making them too sweet. Though, I did have several spoonfuls of left-over icing…

I also *attempted* to decorate an egg! Mum’s work asked her to do one and she didn’t want to so I pulled out the ol’ easel and paints (I didn’t) and got cracking! I just went with a simply bunny design in the end. I thought it was cute but a boiled egg isn’t as easy to draw on as one would think.
Lastly, being home has made me so excited for Summer. I actually forget how stressful university can be and coming home just eliminates that stress. I am currently putting off some essays I have to write but I might start doing them next week. If I get them started it means less work over my last 5 weeks of uni! This week I’ve got a few things planned, a bit of shopping and a few meals out alongside work so I don’t want to mix that with essays reallllly. I’m just happy to be home and for the time being, away from all that essay writing! 

On another note, I’ve been spending all my spare time watching people’s Disneyland vlogs. I’m obsessed. It’s worrying. But I’m SO excited. I’m going to Disneyland Paris in September with my friend from uni and even with months to go, the excitement is all too much. The last time I went to Paris I was so young I don’t remember it at all so going back will be a all new experience. We’re staying for 5 days as we nabbed a pretty good deal meaning it was only £600 for five days!! In Disney terms, it was basically free haha! I can’t wait for everything, the rides, the parades, characters and especially Dreams! I’m genuinely worried I’m going to need an extra suitcase to bring back all the merchandise I’m going to buy! I’m going to be taking a million photos and vlogging as well so I will be sharing our adventure with you which I think is super exciting! 
I’ve gone off topic now so I’m going to just go back to watching One Direction gifs on Tumblr…. I hope you all had an amazing Easter and Bank Holidays and let me know what you did in the comments below!
A x
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