Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming quick and fast around the corner, in fact, it’s this Sunday 15th! I’m always really bad at remembering dates and then panicking last minute for gifts so this year I decided to make this nifty little gift ideas post so if you’re like me and not sure what to buy this year, this may just help!

First up is every home’s staple. A lovely smelling, pastel coloured, large candle. I feel like you seriously cannot go wrong with Yankee candle and is always my go-to candle brand for both gifts and myself! I always think that if you use a product and then buy that product for someone else; it really shows you like it and that person hopefully will too! The best thing about Yankee is that it is so accessible, they stock them in so many places, ASDA, Tesco, Boots Clintons and make sure to check out independent gift shops too as they sometimes have a Yankee stand. Another good thing? The unlimited scents. There is bound to be one you’re mother will love, this particular candle (£24.99) from Boots is called ‘Pink Sands’.
Next up is this beautiful “Rose & Bee” personalised mug (from £20) from Emma Bridgewater. I have my own personal obsession with Emma Bridgewater and I know my mum has also eyed up some of her products, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love this mug? The beautiful watercolour paintings are just adorable and of course, the fact that it can have your mothers name on it has just that personal touch and takes it from being just a standard mug. This is just so cute and there is also a full ‘Rose & Bee’ set so future gift ideas?
It’s official, you cannot go wrong with a Pandora bracelet. (£55) I promise you. Not only is this such a beautiful gift by it’s self; it’s an ongoing one. These bracelets look amazing with all the gorgeous charms that Pandora have to offer so you and your family/friends can continue adding the charms to your mum’s new bracelet. My mum got one for Christmas and she loves hers. They’re so dainty and just look so beautiful on the wrist. Pandora is also happy to fit the bracelet to make sure it’s the perfect size!
Whenever I think of Jo Malone, I always think of their beautiful fragrances. But, who knew they did bath oils? I didn’t! I couldn’t help but think this would be the most wonderful gift, the bottle is so luxurious and would look delightful sitting on anyones bathtub. This is the Red Roses Bath Oil (£17) and doesn’t it just look beautiful? What’s even better is that you will get this little gem all wrapped up ready to go!
If your mum is anything like mine, she will not get off her Kindle! I’m pretty sure one of my mum’s favourite ever purchases was her Kindle so it’s only right that it has a fitting case, don’t you think? These adorable book cover cases (£24.99) caught my eye and I couldn’t help but think they’d be the perfect gift for a book loving mum! There is 10 to choose from including The Jungle Book and Jane Eyre! My personal favourite is The Secret Garden cover, it’s just so beautiful!
I’m all for personal gifts and this personalised house portrait (£40) really is something! This would be absolutely perfect for any house-proud mum and wouldn’t this just look amazing hanging up in the hallway? The prints themselves are just so beautiful and I have bookmarked this page for in the future. I think this is just a truly lovely gift!
Let’s be honest… you just can’t go wrong with slippers! You really can’t! These adorable bunny ones  (£18) are just the cutest and I imagine, comfiest things and also perfect for Easter which is coming around pretty quick! In fact, I actually want to snap up a pair of these for myself! They’re just so cute!
Another personalised gift is this wonderful personalized family tree paper cut! (£50) This just looks so beautiful and the detail is impeccable; a truly unique and thoughtful gift for any mum! You can pick up to 7 names and again, is just such a perfect gift for having displayed around the home. It’s items like this that I feel really make a house a home and I think this would look wonderful in any home.
Finally, a good old notepad! (£10) Paperchase is both my mum’s and I favourite stationary shop and we are both forever finding goodies in there we want! Paperchase is never not stocked with cute and adorable notepads and accessories so for me, is always a must visit when it comes to buying gifts! This A5 bird design one would just look beautiful sitting at a desk and let me tell you, the best thing about Paperchase notepads is just they always have that really nice paper. You know, the one where you can write on both sides and it doesn’t show through? Yep, that’s the one!

I hope you find this gift guide a little helpful and hopefully struck some inspiration if you still need to buy your mum a gift! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day whatever you end up doing and make sure to give your mum a big hug and lots and lots of love!

A x 

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