2015 Aims & Goals

I hate New Year Resolutions. I really, really do. The idea is lovely, a list of things you wish to change in the New Year you complete for about two weeks and then… well, that’s it really! Every year I usually collect the same hopes for the new year and half the time I don’t even start them! I think for the most part the reasons I don’t is a) way too much pressure, after all they’re new years resolutions! b) January is my least favourite month! But still, there’s the old saying, “new year, new me”, so this year, instead of ‘resolutions’, I’ve gone for aims and goals. Not as much pressure but still leading me towards something. Here is just a *small* list of some of the things I want to achieve and explore this year!

→ Get fit and finally work on some sort of exercise routine.
→ Save up to get myself the iMac I’ve always wanted.
→ Purchase something from Selfridges (I’ve never been).
→ Try different food. I always stick with what I know and like.
→ Get a tattoo! (Sorry mum!)
→ Pass my driving test.
→ Go to Paris (I can hope and dream)
→ Cut out fizzy drinks!
→ Explore more of London
→ Make the most of my short time in Brighton
→ Teach Tia paw (she hates learning new tricks)
→ Be more adventurous with my fashion choices.
→ Try new things! Stop sticking with the old.
→ Actually take a book out from the library.
→ Try sweet potato. Everyone seems to love it.
→ Go into town and not get totally frustrated with the Sunday shoppers on a Tuesday…
→ Go to a zoo.
→ Go on a road trip.
→ Go to Amsterdam (again, I can hope and dream)
→ Hope myself, family, friends and everyone else can get through the whole year safe, well, happy and alive

What is your number one goal for 2015?

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