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There’s nothing like the feeling of falling in love… or the feeling of receiving your makeup order through the post. For me, they are basically the same feeling. Easily pleased, huh! I haven’t ordered from the MAC Cosmetics website in the longest time – in fact, I didn’t even have a wish list as long as my arm until recently. I always wait till I qualify for free delivery (doesn’t take long, let’s be honest!) before ordering anything from there, so when I bumped up more order, ultimately spending more than I intended to… I then pressed confirm before I came to my senses. It was a magical moment, I must say.

The first item I virtually popped into my basket was a powder blush; I’d seen it before and didn’t think anything of it and it was only when I saw some swatches online I decided to bite the bullet and try it. Say hello to Melba.  This is a warm toned blush and actually, not something I would normally go for at all. I feel inclined to say it’s almost a dark peach colour with the tiniest touch of pink in there. It’s a matte finish; my personal favourite in powder blushes and overall, looks really quite lovely on the cheeks. I have a feeling this will look even better with a tan; but just the tiniest bit for when I’m pale adds a much needed warmth to my cheeks. 
The last two items are lipsticks… yes, uh-oh, my makeup weakness! Due to my ongoing nude affair, I picked up quite a popular nude in the world of makeup, Shy Girl. Now when this arrived, I actually wasn’t sure of it, it looked a little too dark for my personal liking (damn you dodgy google swatches) but actually, when I applied it, it’s really lovely and I think if this was any lighter; it would wash me out too much. It’s a beautiful ‘my lips but better’ nude with a tiny dash of orange in there; all-in-all makes for a beautiful, but not your typical nude. As this is a creemsheen finish (one of my fav’s), this is creamy and isn’t crazy drying. I still add lip balm for extra comfort though! 
Lastly, I ordered Lady Danger after hearing sooo much people rave about this; I knew I had to add it to my collection and boy, am I glad I did. Just opening the lid, it’s beauty blinds you and wearing it; honestly? I don’t think I’ve found a better red lipstick before, there’s no two ways about it. This is a matte finish; not my favourite but I think a matte red lip looks beautiful and I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. Beautiful and in my opinion, a must have from MAC! 
Have you ordered anything from MAC recently? If so, what is it?! Mainly so I can add it on my wish list..

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