Summer Walks

Considering I have a dog and outside my window all I can see for miles is simply just fields and 5 minutes away from me is the sea wall… I really don’t walk around that much. There’s no two ways about it… I am incredibly lazy and also one to not notice the smaller things in life. I moan about my hometown so much it’s basically all I will talk about to anyone who doesn’t live in it, but in reality; it is lovely and beautiful and I really don’t appreciate it enough. I adore living in town and being central, but a part of me is glad I spent most of my life living somewhere so tranquil and beautiful. Living in the country side is lovely. As long as you can drive…. Which I cannot. Hmph.

Tia doesn’t get walked even near to half as much she should be so I’m going to try and take her for daily walks. She needs it, I need it… we both win from this here. I am literally surrounded by fields and greenery so it’s literally… apart from the actual walking part, no effort. When I was out on my walk today with her, I decided to take my camera and see if there was anything worth taking a photo of. I’m no photographer; but I quite like how some of these came out and thought I would share. Also, Tia really doesn’t get the idea of being a model in my photo’s… but we’re working on it!
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