Everyday Summer Makeup

Summer and makeup, for me personally, just don’t really mix. In Autumn/Winter and Spring there’s barely a day I’m not out with winged liner and a plum or red lip, but in Summer? I’m just not a fan of wearing makeup. Even if I wear the lightest of foundations; the heat makes it feel all cakey and also with the heat, my eye makeup just will not stay put. Lovely. 
So, this Summer, I’ve tried keeping my makeup a little bit simpler. A good, bronze base with a matching eye and strong brows. It’s quick, it’s easy and features some of my favourite products. The L’oreal foundation stays put for most of the day; doesn’t feel too oily and skipping the eyeliner and replacing it with eyeshadow (with a base) keeps me from worrying about my eye make up.
I may speak for myself, but I’m pretty impressed with this Summer look; it’s bronzed, highlight-y and stays put. There’s nothing like putting your makeup on at the beginning of the day and not having to worry about it until you take it off! Beaut!

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