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The past few weeks have been massively hectic; it was the last few weeks at uni before Easter where every thing seemed to just to be crammed into one and I didn’t even get the chance to sit down and write a blog post. After a few hours one day of pondering what to write about; I decided to just leave it, I had such a lack of inspiration and creatively and nothing productive seemed to be coming from my brain. Cue several hours of Real Housewives and My Strange Addictions. I just feel that as much as I could push out a post for you; it wouldn’t be very good and this is definitely a case of quality over quantity. I push myself to bring you the very best posts I can bring. I was reading through my blog archive the other day and was rather disappointed with several posts where you could clearly read between the lines and could just tell my heart wasn’t 100% in it. So, I do apologise for my absence recently; but I was just enjoying building that inspiration and love my little corner of the web back up! But anyhoooo, here’s what I’ve been up to:

♥ The Sunday before last, my housemate Becca and I went and saw Russell Howard’s Wonderbox tour at the Brighton Centre. It was an incredible night and my little crush on Russell grew just that little bit more. The show was hilarious, as I’m sure you can imagine and the ‘smudged mascara’ look was well worth it! I’ve actually just found out that he’s actually continuing the tour, so if you missed it the first time round, make sure not to again! You can get tickets here.

♥ I came down with tonsillitis. Yep. Fun. Cue 3 days in bed with more painkillers than I think I’ve taken my whole life combined, lots of ice pops and absolutely awful hair. Thankfully, this case of it was nothing compared to what I experienced last year and was gone fully after 4 days!

♥ I’m home! I adore Brighton (and miss it very much) but there’s nothing like being at home. Spending time with family, my puppy, home cooked meals, accessible food at all time and just having those home comforts I’ve missed a lot since moving out. I just massively miss my double bed that I have at uni, so unbelievably strange going from a double to a single….

♥ I reached over 500 subscribers on YouTube. I’m genuinely gobsmacked, thank you all so much if you have subscribed, to gain per 400 subscribers in 3 months is massive for me and it really warms my heart that you like my videos and I enough to subscribe and wait for more thank you! Keep your eyes peeled, a brand new video will be going up within the next few days and you can see the rest here:

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