The Body Shop Haul.

Ahh The Body Shop, one of my most absolute favourites when it comes to scented beauty items! As Spring has finally graced us with it’s well-missed presence, I start to crave lighter, fruitier scents to go along with the lighter days and cool breeze. Of course, The Body Shop is famous for having some fabulous scented products and is also extremely purse friendly, so ultimately, you have one happy and smelling good student here! Their body mists are my absolute favourite items from them and after trying (and falling in love with) their Pink Grapefruit scent last year, I decided to try another. I went with the Strawberry Body Mist. And guess what, it’s literally spot on, the smell is beautifully fruity but isn’t too sweet, though you only need a little bit for a fresh scent over wise this is a little overpowering. These are a great size for throwing (carefully, of course) in your handbag so you can keep smelling beautiful all day. As you may of gathered, Pink Grapefruit is one of my favourite scents (hate the taste of the drink though…) so I picked up a body butter in this scent, I’m yet to try it but their other body butters are simply incredible so I have no doubt this will be a firm favourite this spring. Finally, I picked up the Special Edition Blueberry shower gel! Mmmhmm, the scent is just incredible and takes me right back to Summer, in fact, I’m trying to wait so patiently for my other shower gel to finish just so I can start using this… I may need to stock up!

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