How I Do My Eyebrows

Who knew that eyebrows one day would as important as they are? I will be the first to admit that I don’t have the best eyebrows in the world – after years of being teased for having too thicker eyebrows (dammit!) I went into over-pluck maniac drive and was left to next to nothing. I’m trying to grow them back and hide the tweezers but that is most definitely easier said than done. Today I thought I would do a quick step-by-step guide on how I do my eyebrows, maybe help for you over-pluckers out there too!
01. First things first – foundation and concealer. My eyebrows are always the third step in my whole makeup routine and I’m not particularly sure why… just always been that way!
02. One of my tips for hiding those few stray hairs you’re trying to grow is to dab a bit of heavy duty concealer on them. My concealer of choice is Erase Paste by Benefit (review here!) as it’s a really good coverage, stays put all day and covers those pesky stray hairs up.
03. Using my favourite Topshop Angled brush and my Natural Collection eyeshadow duo is Mocha and Latte (how adorable!) I get onto shaping and filling them in. I start with the front of my eyebrows – using the brush to carefully push the powder onto the eyebrow and really carefully define the shape just a little bit square.
04. I then get onto just filling in the actual brow just not adding shape yet.
05. When the brow is filled in to how I want it, I then start to add shape and definition. I very carefully run the product just a tiny bit above where the brow hair starts to get that straight line and then create a tiny fake arch (my eyebrows have next to no shape in them).
06. Finally, I add a very small and thin tail as my eyebrows aren’t as long as I would like them to be.
07. Finally, using the lighter shade in the duo and my finger, I just dab a little bit underneath the brow to give a really subtle highlight.
So there we have it, it literally takes me about 2 minutes to do my eyebrows now (which is very good as they’re quite boring to do I’d say!) I hope this was somewhat helpful and if you would like, I will definitely do a full, more detailed Youtube video (Channel here! on this if you would like, just let me know!

Natural Collection Eyeshadow Duo in Mocha/Latte retails at £1.99 and is available from

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