Nivea Express Hydration Primer Review

I will be the first to admit that my laziness definitely plays a part in my beauty routine. I was no stranger to skipping moisturiser (a big no-no) and primer just in aid of getting the job done quicker… (no help to that cheeky 15 minutes I spend extra in bed). But when doing my favourite activity of browsing the aisles in Boots, I found a little gem that is suited to do both jobs in one. Straight in my basket it goes and off I skipped (not literally) to the checkout!
 There are two versions of this, a normal/combination one which I believe has a blue lid, and then the dry/sensitive one which I own. I wasn’t sure which one to go for, whilst I do have sensitive skin, I would say that I have a combination skin type… but obviously, I decided to go for the dry/sensitive just because there is no harm in extra-extra hydration, right?
This is light-weight, gel-like moisturiser that sinks beautifully in the skin, my face automatically feels more refreshed, light and just not so ‘morningly’, I figured that isn’t even a word but I just couldn’t find the right word for it, but don’t you ever find that your skin just feels horrible first thing in the morning? Just me? But regardless, this just makes it feel normal again and more. This really does give a lovely, smooth base ready for makeup. I am just one of those girls who hate the feel of foundation and applying foundation and this really makes that process a little easier to bare. It leaves a lovely even finish and I’m sure it’s helping my foundation look just a tad more ‘flawless’.
As for it’s primer qualities, I’m just not sure, it definitely does make my makeup stay even for longer but I’m not entirely sure if it makes the whole shebang stay on longer. I only were my makeup for around 5-6 hours and I usually take it off when I don’t need to wear it anymore and it stays put for that so I’m happy. But my favourite quality is that my foundation/concealer no longer adheres (like a b**ch) to my dry patches. This is such a relief for me as I was really having trouble dealing with this – around my nose and chin was the worst with areas of peeling foundation, and yes I’m sure I’ve put a beautiful image in your mind now, but boom, since using this I’m not longer dealing with that problem! Thanks Nivea!
This has become a staple in my every-day routine and I’m surprised I’ve never thought of buying it earlier – I really wished I had! I thoroughly recommend this if you’re looking for a purse-friendly, light-weigh moisturiser/primer which feels amazing on the skin and also looks lovely on your dressing table!
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