What did I buy today? An obsessive consumption Journal

  Well, I never, me, 18 year old student Abbi writing about something money related on my blog? What has happened?! Believe me, I’m just as shocked and worried as you are! I’m not here though to give you money advice or talk to you about my money situation (because, y’know, I’m sure you’re all gutted about that!) I’m here to tell you about a nifty little book I purchased online the other day.
  Say hello (or not, it is a inanimate object after all) to my new best friend! This is “What did I buy today? An obsessive consumption journal. First and foremost, I want say a mahossive thank you to Louise over at Confetti Letters who is the very reason I purchased this; she’s done rather a lovely post all about this so if you don’t want to read mine then you may go ahead and read hers! 🙂
  As the title suggests, this is a book which encourages you (I’m not quite sure how else you would use it personally…) to write down every time you buy something and log it in the journal. This means you can work just how much you’re actually spending weekly and you clearly see what you need to cut back on etc etc. Also, at the front it has a ‘debts‘ and ‘saving‘ section, which whilst isn’t much use to me, you add all your details and then when you’ve finished the book, you write them down again and voila! You will be able to see if you’ve saved anything and how much debt you’ve cleared within that time. All very handy.
  What I like about this book though is the illustrations throughout and just the creativeness of the book! What can be such a dreary and dreaded subject is all of a sudden a little more appealing with some fun illustrations! I also like that you can draw what you’ve brought in the sections your self… maybe it will make you feel better about buying that cheeky Nars product if you’ve illustrated it beautifully in your journal!
I’m really happy with this and I really do think I will continue to use it; as a poor penniless student, I kinda have to! What’s better, it’s currently on sale on Amazon so go, go, go!

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