Illamasqua Sale Picks

  You guys would not believe the excitement I went through when I saw the Illamasqua sale, I basically stopped what I was doing straight away and was quickly browsing the site finding some goodies! I was basically a Illamasqua virgin, something I’m not too proud to admit. I’d always wanted one of their products but I just could never justify the price tag for any of their goodies so you can imagine I went a little crazy in the sale. (I saved a whooping £30 though!!!!!!)

   I’d known for a long time I wanted to pick up one of their infamous ‘Pure Pigments’ so my heart skipped a tiny beat when I saw some in the sale; I went for a safe shade of course and it’s the ever so beautiful ‘Ore‘. This is such a beautiful shade and the pigments were even more amazing than I’d first imagined. This is a stunning dark copper shade and is just the most pigmented thing! The swatch really surprised me and I cannot wait to use this soon… mind you, I could do without the mess of it all!

  I also picked up a lipstick as I thought it was a steal at just £7.50! You can’t always get much cheaper than that in the drugstore so I was very happy with this. The shade I picked up is ‘Immodest’ which is a beautiful, bright, bubblegum pink shade which I think will just look perfect in the summer. I’m yet to try it on yet, but the colour is just irresistible! I love it!

 Probably my most favourite purchase out of them all (if I had to pick just one of course) is the cream blusher I picked up in ‘Promise’ which looks to be quite a vibrant, warm pink shade but, judging by the swatch, this is going to apply a little bit lighter which I am a big fan off! The ‘cream’ feels really quite thin and almost liquid, but hopefully this mean it’s super easy to blend. I’m already excited to use this tomorrow!

  Lastly, I picked up a powder blush and this particular shade is in ‘Tremble’ which is a gorgeous baby pink colour which is one of my favourite ever blusher colours. This is just so beautiful and feels really soft which I like and again, such a perfect Summer shade!

  All in all, I am so happy with what I’ve picked up (based on first impressions), everything looks so beautiful and the pack again is just so unique and feels really sturdy! Sadly, the sale is now finished, but you can pick up these beauties full price over at! Did you pick up anything in the sale?

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