Garnier Micellar Water Review

 Micellar water’s have basically been a life saver for me over the past year or so. Gone are the days of red puffy eyes from pulling and tugging on them so much. Gone are the days of having to wash a muslin cloth after every single cleanse! Gone, I tell you, gone! 
 I have incredibly sensitive eyes and I’ve never really got any with many makeup removers/cleansers at all until I found all these micellar water’s. After running out of my beloved B.Pure one (and repurchasing it several times) I decided to go for the Garnier Micellar Water instead. You get a whopping 400ml which is amazing considering you only need the smallest amount to remove your makeup and apparently equals to 200 uses (yeah… I’m not going to keep count!)
 Thankfully, the water has absolutely no scent at all, I really dislike applying product to my face which has a strong chemical scent so this is just perfect! It literally feels like you are applying just water to your face – a quality I personally love.
 As for actual makeup remover? It’s good. It does most of the job. I use this mainly to remove my eye-makeup and then the first layer of my face makeup and it’s a lot better removing powder, blush, foundation etc than it is removing eyeliner and mascara. But, I do use a follow up cleanser to remove the rest so this is perfect for getting off most of the product so I’m happy. It claims to remove all makeup in one step but sadly, it doesn’t live up this at all. But like I previously said, it removes a lot of my makeup and you don’t need to rub or pull on the skin to get it off.
 My face feels very smooth and refreshed after using this and my eyes don’t puff up or go red and itchy which is so ideal. Overall, I really enjoy using this and actually enjoy taking off my makeup more since I switched to this and incorporated my new routine! I really recommend this as I’ve seen some people say it’s been discontinued – though, I cannot confirm or deny this as it’s still available in my Superdrug but I cannot find it online. But it is really amazing and at only £4.99 a bottle – incredibly purse friendly and worth every penny!
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