Seventeen On The Spot Concealer Review

I’ve recently been on the search for a brand new concealer, not even knowing where to start or anything, but I was in Boots a while back and was just browsing as per when I saw the Seventeen On The Spot Concealer. It was the packaging that jumped out to me, I really like how they’ve done it with the little nozzle. I wondered if I would have problems with this but nope! Just one small squeeze gives you enough concealer for under your eyes and few blemishes so you don’t waste any at all which I really like. This is also the perfect size for travelling, it fits really easy in make-up bags and the lid really stays on as well; meaning no concealer leakages over everything! (That’s always fun…)
As for the actual concealer, I am really liking this! I’ve been using this for the past few weeks and I have to say, my skin is really looking better. (All thanks to the clearer skin in 4 weeks claim… can you believe it?! A product living up to their unrealistic claims?! Brilliant!!) I love that this not only covers your spots but treats them as well, meaning I don’t feel bad putting makeup all over my angry blemishes. This is really good for covering blemishes, any redness is instantly gone and you really don’t even need a lot to do that. It’s so creamy meaning you don’t have to pull or tug on the skin to get it blended and it doesn’t crease at all when I apply it under my eyes; which it also works brilliantly for! I’ve also been finding that I don’t need as much concealer as I used to use as well; which really makes me happy as I normally go so quickly through them.
To use this, I dab it over blemishes and under my eyes then use either a pointed foundation brush or the ‘Expert Face Brush’ from Real Techniques and I find that this gives it a really flawless finish that blends perfectly in with my foundation and that lasts for hours.
Overall, this is a really lovely concealer that I reach for everyday and for £4.99, you really can’t go wrong! Yay!

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