Yankee Christmas Candle “Christmas Memories”

Every beauty blogger knows that you can’t qualify to be a beauty blogger unless you have a undying love for candles and have at least 12 going in one room a day… whilst I am very much joking, it does seem as if every blogger and their mum, sisters, aunts and friends love candles. I am a very big Yankee candle fan, they always seem to be the one I go straight for, good ol’ trusted Yankee, eh?

I was in Clintons the other day when I was unable to walk straight past the candle section into the card section (you know, where I needed to be) and I couldn’t help but notice all the Christmas candle’s that were shouting my name.  I was very strong (no need for applause) and managed to only buy two,(one being a Christmas present) even though all the different scents were lovely.

The one I was instantly attracted to was ‘Christmas Memories’, only did the name immediately drew  me in, the scent is literally Christmas in a tub. I was so surprised by the smell – it’s literally spot on and whenever I catch a whiff of this, it transports me right back to the Christmas Season, when I smell this, I literally see the Christmas Decorations being dragged out of the cupboard; this is what it instantly reminds me off. Seriously, if a Christmas movie was to have a scent… this would definitely be it!

Have you tried any of the Christmas Yankee Candles yet?

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