Imperial Leather Foamburst Review*

When I got an email from the lovely Katy asking if I would like to try the Imperial Leather Foamburst, I pretty much jumped at the chance. I received “Bewitching Blackberry & Wild Fig’, which admittedly, wouldn’t normally be the one I would go for, but I’m so glad she did send me this one as this has literally become one of my favourite scents. Straight up, what I like about these are definitely their names! It’s not just ‘Strawberry & Mango’, it describes the product, the scent and gives you a quick insight of what to expect from these.

I really like the packaging as well, it’s not too chunky and in a hourglass shape, which I find makes it easier in the shower to grip, and it’s perfect for travelling but for me, I personally just love all the colours. If you’ve seen the other bottles elsewhere you will know what I mean. The use of colours on these are incredible, a really simple design but looks so great and really catches your attention, they also add (for me anyway) a nice pop of colour that my bathroom was so badly craving!

The bottles come with a convenient pump at the top, a winner from me! (I literally cannot stand anything else, I have enough trouble opening lids as it is, I don’t need that extra hassle when trying to have a shower!) This is where the magic happens, when you first use the pump, a smooth gel appears and then, when you start to lather it up, you get the amazing ‘foamburst’ literally! This is a wonderfully rich and creamy lather and it’s so soft and feels amazing on the skin. What I love is that these will last for ages, you only need to the smallest bit to get enough lather-y goodness to cover your whole body.  The scent is perfect as well, for me this scent isn’t completely in your face or too strong, for me it’s a beautiful calming scent that is subtle but lasts on the skin.

Overall, I am so pleased with this! And so is my boyfriend, in fact, he actually ‘borrowed’ this for a week or two after I showed him just how amazing it was. But, he definitely made up for it by buying me another one. He’s a good egg 😉

These are incredibly purse friendly as well, for only a few quid you get an amazing shower gel with a beautiful scent which so much foamy goodness it makes showers just that little bit more exciting. With claims of up to 40 showers pure can and great for shaving, you won’t want to look at another brand again!

*This item was sent to me for consideration of review, all views are my own.
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